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Savage Worlds Settings and Core System


Savage Worlds- Core

Players: SWD Character Sheet - SWEX Character Sheet - "Training Wheels" Sheet - SWEX Index (By Bob Bretz) - Combat Survival Guide (By Paul Kasper) - The Making of Savage Worlds (in German) - Polish Reference Pack

GMs: Errata to the Second Printing - Cut-and-Paste Errata - Burst Templates - GM Screen Insert / Reference Info - One Sheet Adventures - What is a Plot Point Campaign?

Figure Flats: Free Zombie Figure Flats - Free Modern Vehicles Figure Flats - Free Distressed Modern Vehicles Figure Flats - Modern Ops Figure Flats - Savage Steeds Figure Flats - Savage Steeds Creator - Papercraft Tour Bus

Test Drive Rules: English (v6) - Polish Reference Pack - Spanish - Spanish (for mobile) - Portuguese - Chinese (Simplified)

Free RPG Day Adventure: The Wild Hunt (includes the Test Drive Rules, Figure Flats, Characters, and the Adventure) - Wild Hunt Character Handouts - Papercraft Tour Bus

Printable Card Tuck Boxes: Action Deck Tuck Box - Adventure Deck Tuck Box - Expanded Adventure Deck Tuck Box

Updates from SWEX to Savage Worlds Deluxe: Chase Rules - Interludes - Damage and Healing - SWD Errata

Savage Worlds Showdown

Showdown Rules - Showdown Troop Builder

Rumble in the Jungle - Brides of Dracula

Weird Wars - Savage Worlds

Players: Character Sheet - Troop Sheet - Pregenerated Characters

GMs: Errata - Vehicle Counters - Reinforcements: Vehicles

Wallpapers: Tank by LuisNCT 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024 1600 x 1200
UK Bomber Nose Art 1024 x 768 1280 x 960 1600 x 1200
US Bomber Nose Art 1024 x 768 1280 x 960 1600 x 1200

Weird Wars


Player: Character & Ship Sheet

GM: Map of the Stream - Achilles Map - Achilles Tiles - Rocket Ship Map - Ship Markers - Adventure Cards (Jonathan Ginsberg)


Space 1889

Player: Character Sheet (Ships and Ally on back) - Pregenerated Characters

Space 1889

Genre Supplement - Wizards & Warriors

Player: Pregenerated Characters - Wizards & Warriors Supplement

GMs: Tomb of Terrors One Sheet Deluxe Bundle - One Sheet Adventures

Genre Supplement - Pulp!

Players: Pregenerated Characters

GMs: The Eye of Kilquato Adventure - Figure Flats (EoK) - Map Tiles (EoK)

Deadlands Reloaded

Players: Pregen Characters - Explorer's Edition Fillable Character Sheet - Character Sheets- Form Fillable- Character Generation w/Cards by (Yuri) - Arcane Power List - Character Sheet (Pierre) - Screen Insert (by Jon Woodland) - Errata (DLR & The Flood) - French Character Sheet (Pierre) - The Flood Player's Guide - Additions to the Second Printing

Marshals: Adventure Cards - One Sheet Adventures - Train Maps - The Flood Map Pack - The Weird West Map - Post-Flood Map of Lost Angels [SPOILER ALERT]

Classic-to-Reloaded Conversions: Comin' Round the Mountain - Perdition's Daughter - Ghostriders in the Sky - Independence Day - On Top of Old Skull Hill, All Covered in Blood! - Pass the Salt - Abracadabra and an Arab Cadaver

Hell on Earth Reloaded

The Savage World of Solomon Kane

Players: Character Sheet - Ally Sheet

GMs: Adventure Cards - One Sheet Adventures - Gottleib Horror Map - Screen Insert (By Jon Woodland) - Savage Foes of Solomon Kane Map Pack

Pirates of the Spanish Main

Players: Character and Ship Sheet - New Fencing Academies

GMs: Templates - Maps - GM Screen Inserts (By Trigger) - One Sheet Adventures - Pregen Characters

Sundered Skies

Players: Character Sheet - Ship & Ally Sheet

GMs: - Triple Ace Games Support Site


Players: Pregen Characters - Character Sheet - Lodge & Ally Sheet

GMs: Rippers Additional Adventure Deck Cards

Necessary Evil

Players: Character Sheet - EX Edition of Necessary Evil Character Sheet

GMs: M'Buna Diagram (By XComSquaddie!) - V'Sori Compound (By XComSquaddie!) - Necessary Evil Figure Flats - Necessary Evil Additional Adventure Deck Cards

Low Life

Players: Character Sheet

GMs: Map of Motha Oith - One Sheet Adventures - Boss Blocker

Andy Hopp's Low Life Site

Fifty Fathoms

Players: Character Sheet - Ship Sheet - Alt Char Sheet (Pierre)

GMs: Caribdus (High Res Handout) - Caribdus (Low Res Color) - Caribdus (High Res Color) - Caribdus B&W - Ship Map (Brig) - Ship Map (El Marione) - Ship Map (Grey Coarser)

- French Character Sheet (Pierre)


Weird Wars: Tour of Darkness (Vietnam)

Players: Character Sheet - Troop Sheet

GMs: Firebase Omaha - Op Orders - Errata - Vehicles Figure Flats - Templates Pack



Players: Character Sheet

GMs: The Spinner 3D Figure Flat (Mike Sarno)

Classic and D20 Products

Deadlands: The Weird West

Players: Classic Character Sheets - D20 Character Sheets - RVC p71 (missing from PDF)

Hell on Earth

Players: Character Sheets - Cyborg Character Sheet - D20 Character Sheet - Scrapper Record Sheet - Armor Sheet - Vehicle Sheet - Aircraft Sheet

Marshals: Hell on Earth Map


Lost Colony

Players: Classic Character Sheet - D20 Character Sheet

Marshals: Cardstock Cowboys - Map of Banshee - Map of Temptation - Map of the Crescent

Weird Wars - D20

Players: D20 Character Sheet

GMs: Missing Medal Table