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Welcome To Accent!

Dear friends,

Over the years that I have been with Dream Theater, one of my interests (besides jamming on the keyboards) has been developing working relationships with talented people who have particular skills involving technology, transcribing, teaching and performing music. At this point I have an incredible team of people that have much to offer. So much in fact, that I felt it was really time to do something more for the musical community and offer a totally online music magazine. The beauty of the online environment is that in the course of our magazine, you will be able to hear and see the music as well as read all about it.

In my column for Accent, titled Keyboard Madness Revealed, I will bring you in depth discussions of all types of keyboard playing techniques that will help improve your overall playing, compositional technique, improvisational abiltities as well as your song writing abilities. These will include full transcriptions, as well as MP3 file examples.

Now lets meet our other columnists...

I've chosen writers for Accent that can accurately bring you notation of even the most complex music out there today!  Jordan Baker, for example, can spot a sixteenth note quintuplet from 3 miles away and transcribe it perfectly. I met him after he sent a MIDI file recreation of a solo I improvised during a DT show in New York City. There is not a note or rhythm that goes unaccounted for when he's at work. Jordan's column, Electric Corner, will bring you discussions and transcriptions of electric guitar and bass sections of music. Jordan will also be interviewing many of the performers for their personal insight on the piece.

Chris Romero and I have been working together on magazine articles, books (Total Keyboard Wizardry) and the Online Conservatory for years, and he is completely plugged in to my musical mind. Chris is an exceptional keyboardist/composer himself, and I always know my compositions are in excellent hands when he is on the job. Chris' column, The Hidden Key, will include many full score transcriptions of music I've composed and played on. Often times, his articles will include Accent-exclusive MP3's of individual instruments solo'ed out from my tunes.

Anthony Geluso will be bringing you columns about drumming, titled Conundrum. Besides being a composer in his own right (Anthony writes full symphonies), he is a great drummer/teacher and overall an immense musical talent. He has also developed a great course on drumming for the Online Conservatory to premier in the near future.

We have much more guitar stuff coming your way as well. Ryan Maziarz has been involved in transcribing Dream Theater guitar scores, provided notation for our live cover songs/albums (which I used to adapt guitar parts to keyboard), and has contributed to many transcription books by various publishers. Trust him to deliver the goods! He is going to be explaining the art of transcribing music in his column, titled The Art of Transcription.

Marc Shonbrun is an established author of numerous books for guitar and technology, and we are lucky enough to have him on board. When I met Marc, he came up to my studio and we jammed for a while. He's a great player and inspiring educator. He is offering a column on classical guitar geared toward all you rock players who want to expand your horizons a bit and learn some valuable techniques to improve your playing, titled High Strung.

I had the great pleasure and shock of hearing Behold the Arctopus, Charlie Zeleny's band. Charlie is the busiest drummer on the east coast. He has more energy than all of us put together. Don't let the King Crimson-meets-Stockhausen-on-steroids atonal music of Arctopus fool you. This guy can play in 4/4 as well as anybody and can count in 15/16 while doing it! There is a lot to learn from him. Get ready for his column, Drumset Mastery, where he will be delving into all aspects of drumming.

My interest in all things electronic brought me to meet my good friend Matt Moldover. When Dream Theater was getting ready to go into the studio again for Octavarium, Matt and I worked closely together as he was training me to use and understand all the Native Instruments software. He is a product specialist for NI by day and a guitar player/DJ by night. The perfect mix of computer musician as well as traditional player. He is extremely comfortable with all types of music (and graphic) technology and has a great perspective on using electronic instruments to create your own music. With so many different tools out there to choose from Matt will help shed some light on how to get going and started making some cool electronic music in his column, Music Technology.

Bert Baldwin came to work for me about 6 years ago when I was getting ready for the Scenes From a Memory tour. He moved down from Rochester, NY on a day's notice and was on tour with the band two weeks later. Nothing has ever been the same for Bert, and he shares his insights into getting wrapped up in the crazy whirlwind of life on the road with Dream Theater and my solo career. Nobody knows it like Bert. When he is not on the road or in the studio with me, he could be on stage singing and playing keys with Neal Morse. Bert's column, On The Road, will discuss the different aspect of being on tour, off tour, and everything in between. Don't blink--just read....

Lee Knife is a hot NYC music attorney stationed out of Sanctuary Records. He has all the experience and insight to cut right to the chase and offer you the kind of information that you WANT and NEED to know to survive in this business. His column is titled The Business of Music, and is about just that. I'll be especially reading these articles as well!

Finally, let's talk about Dani. Dani Koesterich is the reason that you are reading this. He lives and breathes music and computers. He is my partner in the Online Conservatory, takes care of my web site, and manages my existence in the computer world. He also is a fine guitarist and a trained and active recording engineer. Nothing happens without Dani. Dani's column, Audio Production Tips & Tricks, will bring you tons of facts and tips for using today's technology to record music, as well as his personal/creative take on being an audio engineer in the year 2006.

Remember to send us your tunes and questions because each month I offer a full review of two subscriber's songs and also field a couple of good questions from our subscribers.

Accent issues are currently being released bi-monthly, with future plans of making the releases monthly. Subscribe to receive Accent for just $5 per issue! Click "Subscribe" above to get started. Please feel free to contact us with any questions using the "Contact" link above, and clicking "Preview" will give you a few quick views of the most current issue.



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"The articles in this magazine continue to amaze me with each issue - I'm learning so much from these talented individuals. I can't wait for the next one." - David Eisenman, USA

"Hi there!  Very nice magazine!!! Finally something that can help people practice and write better music!
I really like the concept, and all the useful things described throughout the articles" - Laurent Schleck, Luxemburg

This is incredible - Thank you so much for all the work you have obviously put in to make this happen. I look forward to getting a lot out of this magazine." - Bill Worrell, USA

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