Los Yungainos Faustino Rojo y Nestor Montes, fueron los primeros peruanos en escalar el Huascaran en el año 1932   


FORUM: District of QUILLO

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Centenary Of The Province De Yungay
Being President of the Republic Don Jose Pardo and Barreda and by managements of the Dr Ignacio Amadeo Olivera Branches, the 28 of October of 1904 the creation of the Province of Yungay with the Law became serious # 006
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Santa Catherine ranch
The 30 of November of year 1614, illustrious Doña Ines of Rooms Widow of Lopez de Villoso leaves in testamentary donation her ranchs
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National Park Huascaran (Zone De Llanganuco)
The Huascarán and Llanganuco are bound to Yungay from immemorial times and are the tourist destiny of thousands of people every year.
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Recovery Of the Sport Complex engaged To the National Policia Of the Peru.

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The exploration of snow-covered mountains of the Huascarán begins in years 1.860 - 1.869 with the appreciations of Naturalistic Wise person Italian Antonio Raimondi who writes: "the view of the mountain range of Yungay did so pleasant impression to me, that I decided to examine it but close by touching, so to speak, the snow with the hand, this is to raise by the gorge until its origin, to cross the made snow-white mountain range and to happen that way to the Province of Pomabamba".

To beginnings of century XX the exploration of the Huascarán and the White Mountain range become but rigorous in charge of the English C.R. Enock, the North American Annie Peck and the scientists German G Steinman (Geologist), W. Sievers (Geographer), To Weberbauer (Botánico).

The first attempt to climb the Huascarán mount by the expensive west makes Ingles C.R. Enock in 1904, arriving at about 5.100 mals of height.

That same year, Miss Annie S. Peck accompanied by Swiss alpine guides R. Taugwalder and G Zumtaugwald make the first attempt of climbing. Two years later in the month of Julio of 1906 fail again in the attempt by the inexperience of their common carriers. Finally, in the third expedition the 03 of August of 1908, Miss Peck assured to have reached the North summit of the Huascarán of 6.555 mals, although they assure that fué taken loaded until the top by Swiss alpine guides R. Taugwalder and G Zumtaugwald.

20 of Julio of 1932:

 The expedition of the Alpine Club German South wind directed by the Dr Phillip Borchers, climbs but the high South tip of the snow-covered mount Huascarán for the first time. The mountain climbers German P. Borchers, W.Bernard, E.Hein, H. Hoerlin and Erwin Schneider, attended by the Yungainos Néstor Montes and Faustino Rojo, overcome he South tip (6.768 mals), placing in the top, after 5 days of scaling, the flags Peruvian and German. On the participation of Peruvian in the scaling the Dr Borchers he writes "Returning the eyes from the point in which we were we saw with not little surprise that two men followed to us in the ascent: they were Néstor Montes and Faustino Rojo, both boys more capable than we had, who handling the tense rope perfectly made a species of particular ascent "and E.Hein exclaimed "These were born mountain climbers ".

In 1939, it was made completes expedition of the Club German South wind, directed by the Dr Hans Kinzl, conquering the North Huascarán (6.555 mals) with the W.Brecht mountain climbers, K. Heckler, S. Roher, K.Sshmidt and H. Schweiser, also attended by porteadores Yungainos.

The expeditions of the Alpine Club German South wind, between years 1932 to 1939, conquered in shining campaign summits of the mounts snow-covered South and North Huascarán, Artensoraju, North Huandoy, Chopicalqui, Hualcán, Made snow-white North and South Glass, Quitaraju, South Pucahirca, Contrahierbas and other summits of the white Coordillera.

The following years several expeditions of montañistas arrived at Yungay to conquer the top of the tropical but high Mountain of the planet, standing out the following expeditions until the decade of 70s:

Summit of the North Huascarán (6555 mals):

1953, 8 of June: Mexican expedition conformed by And San Vicente and M. Villavicencia

1954, 11 of August: Expedition of Peruvian soldiers conformed by S. Villanueva, G.Cornejo, A.Yanac, J.Acosta and G.Yanac

1954, 14 of August: Of the Club White Mountain range and North American expedition conformed by A. Morales Arnao, A.Del Stream, M. Angels, A.Creswell and L. Ortenburger

1961, 09 of June: Japanese expedition of the University of Kwansei Gakuin


Summit of the South Huascarán (6.768 mals):

1953, 9 of July: Mexican expedition conformed by G. Garci'a

1953, 04 of August: Expedition of Andean Club White Mountain range conformed by Fortunato Mautino, P. Yanac, M. A'ngeles, A.Yanac, and G.Yanac

1954, 12 of August: North American expedition conformed by A.Creswell, L. Ortenburger, G. Matthews, D. Michael and E. Vargas.

1955, 02 of August: German expedition conformed by: H. Huber, H.Schmidt and P. Méndez.

1955, 03 of August: North American expedition conformed by H.Walton, D. Sowles, R. Hoppenon and E. Angeles.

1958, 29 of July: North American expedition, first ascent by the variant of the South edge, conformed by F. Ayres, H. Kendall, G. Matthews, D. Michael, Irene and Leigh Ortenburger.

1958, 28 of August: Scottish-Canadian expedition, second ascent by the South edge, conformed by W. Wallace, and Miss Emslie

1959, 14 of August: Zelandesa expedition neon, third ascent by the South edge, conformed by D. Mac-Kay, M and J Nelson.

1961, 11 of June: Japanese expedition of the University of Kwansei Gakuin, by the traditional route.

1961, 20 of Julio: Spanish expedition, under the direction of Felix Méndez two formed cordadas, arriving at the top Anglada and Pons.

Later there have been other ascents to the Huascarán, to them we paid our tribute.

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