totalBarça Valentine’s Day Special: A lovely guide to Barça boys and their WAGs

totalBarça Valentine’s Day Special: A lovely guide to Barça boys and their WAGs

There is a reason why when you type in a footballer’s name on Google, one of the top five options is their name plus girlfriend/wife. Ladies love footballers for their talents on the field, but they are also interested in their exploits off it. Yes, we do want to know whether Xavi is indeed a bachelor and if Piqué and Shakira have broken up. On Valentine’s Day, totalBarça‘s female staffers have put together a short, sweet, cut-and-keep (if you please) guide to the first team players’ significant others and those who are on the lookout. The romance begins after the jump.

Javier Mascherano and Fernanda

Our “Boss” has been married to Fernanda for a while now, since 2008, and has two daughters, Lola (born in 2006) and Alma (born in 2009). He’s so private that there is little information about his family, except that his wife, who was reportedly unhappy in Liverpool and uncomfortable with English, played a strong role in his move to Barça. Maria Ines

Dani Alves

The extravagant Brazilian winger has two kids with former wife Dinora. Despite spending their last holiday together, Dani revealed last December that they have been separated for a couple of months. According to Sport, they remain good friends and Dinora still manages some of Dani’s investments. Maria Ines

Alexis Sánchez

He is known to be very private and that angers a lot of people in Chile. As he doesn’t say much to the press (about anything really), the Chilean press invents stuff, and there are girls ready to take advantage of that. A couple of them have made good money saying they’ve had “something” with him, particularly since he joined Barça. Just like Lio’s situation in Argentina, Sanchez’s name has been linked with a couple of “models,” but most of these stories have gone with the wind. That is also going to be the case with the latest story which suggests he is with a girl in Barcelona. But, as Pep himself said in a press conference, it seems Alexis is pretty much on his own. Maria Ines

Xavi Hernández

One of the world’s biggest mysteries certainly has to be why the world’s greatest midfielder is still single. How can a man who makes delightful and effective passes on the field, not make passes off it… You know, the sort to woo women. Having said that, Xavi is a hit among totalBarça’s female staffers so we’d like to believe that his single status still gives us a shot. Yes, dreams do come true (See Alleke). On a serious note, Xavi is 32 and we’d really like him to find a gorgeous, doting and understanding life partner who accompanies him as he goes picking mushrooms and realises that she will always be his third love – the first being football, second Barça. Ivich

Ibrahim Afellay

There is something about Ibi Afellay’s cute schoolboy looks combined with his slightly crooked smile that rarely fails to warm our hearts. Talking about heart, Afellay has been linked to Dorien Rose, a woman of many talents. A singer, model and actress who has posed for Playboy in the Netherlands, Rose has also starred in a movie, Purgatory. But we’ll buy this coupling once we see a picture of them kissing in public. OK, not that, but it is important to note that the only picture of Ibi with a woman we could find on the world wide web was him with his mum at Camp Nou. So the conclusion is that Ibi is single, or else he is doing a fine job of keeping his personal life private. Ivich

Isaac Cuenca and Carme Torres

Pep Guardiola raised quite a few eyebrows when he commented on Cuenca’s looks with the words, “Physically speaking he might not be popular with the ladies.” Least perturbed, Cuenca went about making the most of the opportunity presented to him and was promoted to the first team. It was his girlfriend Carme Torres, who Cuenca met while he was playing for Sabadell, that spoke up for her man. “The first time that I saw Isaac a year ago in Sabadell, I said to myself: here is [the one] for me,” said 20-year-old Torres, a political sciences student. “For me he is the best, I’m proud of who he is inside and out. To me [he's who] I like and it is enough.” Aww. Surely, Barça’s sweetest pair! Ivich

Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo 

By South American footballers’ standards, it’s a surprise that Lionel Messi isn’t married with two kids. But if there is a strong candidate responsible for Baby Leos, it is Messi’s steady girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo, who like him is a native from Rosario. He is the World’s Best Footballer for three years running; she has studied to be a nutritionist, who looks on as Messi is fed Pringles by his niece and nephew or stares at meat. Cousin of Lucas Scaglia, one of Messi’s best friends, Roccuzzo has long locks, a dazzling smile and a great figure. We are surprised that, like her beau, she hasn’t taken up modeling. Rumour has it that the two have been together since 2009 and will tie the knot soon. Our verdict: MFEO. Ivich

Andrés Iniesta and Anna Ortiz

According to some reports, Andrés Iniesta, our Pale Knight, found his princess, Anna Ortiz, some years ago. He has been dating Ortiz since 2008. Anna is a specialist in professional make-up, image consulting, hairdressing, beauty and health. On 3 April 2011, Anna gave birth to their daughter Valeria. Little Miss Iniesta was born 38 weeks, or 266 days, the average length of a pregnancy, after July 11, 2010 when Andrés scored the winning goal in the FIFA World Cup final. It is believed that the couple will get married on July 12, 2012. Doris

Pedro Rodriguez and Carol Martín

Little is know about Pedro’s girlfriend. What we do know is that she is Catalan and met Pedro some years ago when he graduated from La Masia. According to some sources, they live together near Camp Nou. Pedro talks a little about her in some interviews. Doris

Éric and Hayet Abidal

The two have known each other since they grew up in the same neighborhood of Lyon, but did not fall in love until much later. Hayet Kebir, a gymnastics champion of Algerian origin, got together with Éric when he was playing in Monaco. They got married in the summer of 2007. Hayet and Éric are the proud parents of two girls: Meliana, born in 2004 and Camellia, born in 2006. Doris

Josep Guardiola and Cristina Serra

Pep met Cristina when they both were teenagers. The couple have three children: Maria (born 28 December 2003), Màrius (born 2001) and Valentina (born 5 May 2008). In case of the Guardiolas, we know very little about their private life, typical Catalan discretion. Cristina comes from a family that deals with fashion; they run some luxury boutiques in Catalonia. Doris

Thiago Alcantara and Júlia Vigas

Julia and Thiago have been dating for about a year. She studies at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and is the owner of a hotel in Costa Brava. Doris

Seydou Keita and Zubaida Johnson

The little information that we have on Seydou Keita’s personal life comes courtesy of Wikipedia (reliable, right?). We know that Keita’s wife goes by the name of Zubaida and is of Cape Verdean descent. Together, the couple have a son named Muhammad (born in 2008). Ivich

Cesc Fàbregas and Daniella Semaan

Fàbregas has a lot in common with his buddy Gerard Piqué. They both have a thing for older women. Fàbregas broke up with his childhood sweetheart and girlfriend of seven years, Carla Garcia, a year ago, and was devastated, if you believe the British tabloid Sun that is. He soon found comfort in the arms of Daniella, 12 years his senior. A divorced mother of two and of  Lebanese descent, Daniella met Fàbregas in London while he was still an Arsenal player and quite possibly still with Carla. You know it is serious business when a player gets a tattoo of his lover. Fàbregas has a star with the letter “D” on the inside on his left arm. Accompanied with Arabic words, it means ”My Life D Forever”. Ivich

Sergio Busquets 

Busquets, like Xavi, is a fantastic midfielder on the Single Gentlemen list. Shame! The 23-year-old Catalan has been laying low on the love life front. The name Vanesa Aguilera has popped up, but we don’t know much about the coupling. Busquets, it appears, has focused a lot on winning titles that he has little time to date. With the Euros, a trophy that still eludes him, around the corner and also the Olympics, which Busquets has shown interest in participating in, we guess it will be some time before we find him with a girl by his side.  Ivich

Gerard Piqué and Shakira

Ah, the illustrious power couple. The WAG that has taken over the footie world. Both stars in their own right, their union brought together the world of music and sport in a paparazzi-filled frenzy. These two have been dating for over a year now and their overbearing PDA has not lessened in the slightest. It’s rumored that they met and fell for each other during filming for the Colombian singer’s music video for “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).” The scandal ensued because Shakira was still engaged to her boyfriend and manager, and had been for the past nine years. Either way, their love could not be denied, and before culés knew what hit them, Shaki was shaking her truthful hips to the Camp Nou. Piqué even made a special goal celebration, where he crosses his arms in front of his chest and holds up two fingers – for their shared birthday, though ten years apart, on February 2. Even rumors of Piqué’s wandering eye could not break up the couple. Personally, we love these two together, mostly because we love Shakira’s music and we love Barcelona – Our two favorite things colliding into one. And, well, those Waka Waka jokes by commentators just never get old. Meg Ryan

David and Patricia Villa

The Villas have been married since 2003 and have two adorable daughters, Zaida and Olaya. The two were childhood sweethearts with Patricia a footballer herself. We see this as the reason for their deep connection and love. However, Patricia made the sacrifice and gave up footballing to dedicate herself to her family. It’s sweet, if not a little anti-feminist. Anyhow, David and Patricia will only have more time to bond over the next few months as she takes care of him throughout his injury recovery. Maybe they’ll even make more babies, because gosh darn, those Little Villas are just so cute! Meg Ryan

Victor Valdés and Yolanda Cardona

Speaking of darling Barça babies, Valdés and his significant other Yolanda have one of their own! Dylan Valdés Cardona was born on August 20, 2009, and challenges the Villa girls for the “Most Cuddle Worthy” award. Back to the parents, though, we didn’t think that VV and Yolanda were married yet, but if you look at her website, it seems pretty obvious. Who are we kidding, if we landed a Barça boy, we’d headline it on our website too. To be fair, Valdés has also quoted their marital status in interviews, so it seems as if they tied the knot without inviting us! Rude, really. It was probably a good thing that the tB ladies were not at the wedding, because if this steamy video is any indication, the goalkeeper and the model would have been way too hot for us to handle (It’s restricted on YouTube, for heaven’s sake!). These two are dang attractive together, that’s all we have to say. Meg Ryan

Carles Puyol and Giselle Lacouture

Our captain continually stuns us here at tB with the drop-dead gorgeous ladies he has a habit of snagging. Not that Puyi isn’t a… handsome guy, but let’s just say he’s an acquired taste. Physical attributes or not, there is something about Puyol that draws the opposite sex in, including his former WAG, model Malena Costa. Staying true to the three muskeeters way of dating women with considerable age difference from them, Costa was 10 years Puyol’s junior. Maybe it was the age gap, but whatever the reason Costa and Puyol called it quits this last October. Over the next few months, Puyol was linked to a few other women, but not until just recently did the tabloids explode with a concrete name: Giselle Lacouture. This time, Puyol acted even more like his bromance partner Piqué by finding himself a Colombian from the same town as Shakira. The pair supposedly met in Miami during Barcelona’s tour of the U.S. this summer. We do find it a bit creepy that Lacouture is also a model (as well as a Carnival Queen) and nine years younger than Puyol, kind of a like a certain ex. Well, we just hope that Capita, at 33 years old, settles down with a nice girl soon. Meg Ryan

Andreu Fontas and Clara Calsina Juscafresa

This, ladies, is the woman taking care of dearest Fontas as he recovers from a knee injury that will keep him out for at least four months. Clara has been Fontas’ gal for a while and has been spotted attending football matches and MotoGP races with him. We apologise that we can’t tell you more other than that she has a long name. Ivich

Adriano and Manuelli Adriano

Mr and Mrs Adriano have done a great job of raising a boy together who according to us was the most well-behaved boy along with Abidal’s gals at Champions League and La Liga celebrations at Camp Nou last year. The couple welcomed another child in March last year, named Azhaf. Ivich

Jose Manuel Pinto and his (secret) wife

You’d think that for someone who goes about making the world wear his swanky WM glasses, takes pictures of it and then posts it on Twitter,  Pinto would at least have a photo of his wife sporting them. We know zilch about Mrs Pinto so much so we have been forced to put a ? next to Pinto’s image. We know you are out there Mrs Pinto, but please ask your husband to take you out and have paparazzi follow you.  Recently, one of Messi’s pals requested followers on Twitter to suggest him names for a baby his wife is expecting in July. Two things we can safely predict about the kid: he/she will have a funny bone and love hip hop music. Ivich

Contributions by Doris, Ivich, Maria Ines and Meg Ryan. A big shout out to the marvellous Doris for working on all the fabulous images seen here.

Editor’s Note: We look forward to hearing from our readers about any possible rumours they have come across with regards to Barça players and their love lives. Enlighten us in the comments.  

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  1. fotobirajesh says:

    A post from the TB lady gang.

  2. BarcaMax says:

    I am a guy and have nothing to do here :p

  3. Barcafan-bangladesh says:

    Thank god for mascherano's wife that she wasn't comfortable with speaking English. If not for her, signing mascherano from Liverpool would be a tougher deal.

    • Gladys says:

      And cheers to Masch for stepping up and being a man about it. He seems so tough but it's a pretty good husband, who makes a change when he comes home every day finding his wife in tears (I'm sure it wasn't just speaking English– she probably felt completely lonely and isolated). And especially since he didn't know how much playing time he'd get.

  4. Samwise says:

    Christ! still if puyol and that girl had a kid it would have crazy hair :)

  5. hoho says:

    I heard there were rumours saying that ever since Xavi found out about this site from Barca official website, he has been following Ivich quite closely. Hmm, any truths to it?

  6. Jasper says:

    Leo's girlfriend is gorgeous

  7. Kristina says:

    Thank you! You know exactly what a girl home with the flu needs to cheer up! Cuenca and his girl are so sweet, Pep and Christina so cool and the Abidals have the most gorgeous daughters. And I love Andres and Anna!

    I hope Lio and Antonella will have kids, I'm sure they will be adorable! Xavi, the eternal bachelor or just very good at keeping secrets? And to me it's no strange thing that Puyi is dating those beautiful women. He's HOT!

    Happy Valentines day!

  8. VEB says:

    LOL I couldn't stop laughing at Sergio Busquets photo, it's not hard to imagine why he doesn't have a girlfriend if he takes pictures like that, brilliant player though, who cares about their love life…

  9. globus says:

    I'll take Sanchez … thank you!

  10. Gladys says:

    Adriano's wife looks as happy and smiling as he does! They seem like a nice match.

  11. DoRy says:

    None of the players have sons…Weird.
    And my heart just broke…Thiago is not single. Damn it.

  12. Jessie1899 says:

    Doesn't Keita have twins? He had a little girl and a little boy with him at a celebration last year, I thought that were twins…
    And Abidal has 3 daughters, look at these pics:…

  13. enezx says:

    yeah will there be no xavi hernandez junior or iniesta junior ?? Either they are not married or have daughters

    And how can both puyol and his wife have similar hair??

  14. pudge says:

    Come on boys – produce some sons!!!!

    La Masia needs you!!!

  15. BeeJay says:

    the reason XAVI and Sergi playing well and give good passes is they both are single :P

  16. rasagna says:

    I am really surprised that even with an (sometimes over) active Catalan press, Xavi, Busquets and Co. have managed to keep the private life strictly private. Amazing !

  17. Christian says:

    Maybe these women can withhold from sharing their "affection" with their men until Barça plays better

  18. Xavi_06 says:

    I guess the reason that Xavi is still single is his obsession with football. That´s also the reason why his former girlfriend broke up with him…well, I wouldn´t care :D

    • Gladys says:

      As I gather from the documentary about Xavi, he comes from a very close-knit family. His father, who was also a professional footballer, mentions that he and their mother never went anywhere without the kids, and everyone seems really supportive of each other. I see Xavi with that sort of relationship and family– and right now, given how famous he is (and busy) it might be hard to find that.

      • Simyta says:

        I'm with you on this! :) I believe there is for anything in life a time and right now "Xavi's time" is playing football – everything else will come… ^_^

  19. Im_Cule says:

    Its nice to see that most of the Barca players are with nice girls rather than ones that want them for their money.

  20. Sanchez9 says:

    Since Puyol broke up with the model, he has playing every single game like a ROCK!
    GO Puyi!

  21. Cool as a Cule says:

    Seriously, i want Pique and Shakira to break up. Not coz they are no hot couples, not coz i want a date with Shakira. But you all know the Reason

  22. indianmuggle says:

    I'd always thought Ibi was married? Gosh.. I'm so jealous of all these WAGs. Thanks tB for a fun piece!
    Is Alexis hot or is he hot?

  23. chris says:

    Keita And Abidal’s Wifes Are Angels Jeeeeeeeeezzz .Wasn’t Expecting Anything Less.During The Celebration Of The 2010 Laliga At The Nou Camp I Saw Abidal’s Kids They Were Sooo Gorgeous,And Now Seein His Wife I Would Say Thumbs Up.Really Disapointed And Xavi And Puyol For Still Being Single Dudes You Guys Aint Kids No More.

  24. sss says:

    Is it weird that two cutest boys in Barca, Alexis and Ibi are still single?

  25. Puyi says:

    Stop bullshitting, start playing football.

  26. bumbar says:

    st valentines or CL … how about a romantic dinner with ur girlfriend and afterthat watching barca together.. ahhh

  27. Trays says:

    If she is in anyway (whether remotely, covertly, or discreetly) the reason for Piques backpedal in his professional career at the moment. Then I boldly second that breakup wish ….BUT…. If she is not responsible & it is purely Pique’s fault due to his immaturity in properly handling ”relationship vs profession” differently, then I wish them both the best as I hope Pique regains his professional CONCENTRATION or gets sold… Yes! & then replaced with a committed defender for Barca to move forward. Period!!

  28. doris86pl says:

    it was really fun to work on this article, tB girls rule the world :)

  29. NareFCB says:

    Busquets will you be my Valentine ? pretty please

  30. Ann says:

    How about this one?!

    Alexis & Mary Plaza….

  31. Ann says:

    I go for Busi too, cuz Xavi is too mainstream… lol, I kid ;)

  32. Gladys says:

    Fontas and his girl are both so gorgeous and fresh-faced. They belong on the cover of a magazine or something. Happy Valentine's Day to the fellas…now make your loved ones happy and win today!! <3

  33. Gladys says:

    P.S. During the summer tour, Pinto mentioned that his wife was from D.C. I was so excited that one of them was married to someone from the U.S. (sorry, nothing special, I know… just a personal thing, since I'm an American Barca fan) but we never hear anything about her.

  34. brandao says:

    that is the ugliest picture of busi ive ever seen (and hes not an ugly guy)…it makes him look like dracula!! lol

    loved the piece though! i wanna see more of keita's wife (respectfully of course)!!!

  35. soldout2barca says:

    Very True. Common Shakira – We love you for Pique but if we find out a his low par performance has anything to do with you in anyway, we coming to get you…

  36. soldout2barca says:

    Thanks for this TB. You guys are committed and getting more and more wonderful by the day. More grease to your cule elbow.

  37. Kristina says:

    Btw Thiagos girl looks so young, almost like a fourteen year old. She's a lucky one. And so are Pep's wife. And whoever's dating Puyi ;) .

  38. arman says:

    i think PINTO wife is lady gaga but they r keeping it secret

  39. Sunisa says:

    I am from Thailand and i adore Busquets!

  40. vignesh says:

    xavi looks great……..amazed see that he is single…..

  41. ZozMeakizz says:

    Great Report! Loved it! Love Leo and Antonella together, they are soooooooo cute together, and he's so shy too… nice to see him with a girl that he loves so much :) I don't see all of the big age differences as too big a deal, they're big boys now, they know what they want :) Even if the age gaps do differ quite a bit… Love the picture of Thiago, she looks like a nice girl for him :) Nice to see my future brother-in-law (fingers crossed ;) ) happy.

  42. @Tihana27 says:

    Can I have Xavi??? at least for a lifetime!!! <3

  43. Esperanza says:

    This post really surprised me!

  44. Simoko says:

    Dang Fabregas, two children! Love really is blind…what happens when he wants one of his own… I can c without a doubt that Cesc, Gerard and el capitan r truly kindred spirits (on and off the pitch)…hopefully though, every1 gets what’ll make them n their loved 1s happy…Somebody set up Xavi on a blind date with Homare Sawa so we can get ourselves footballs next greatest midfield talent, think about it people…

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    I have booked Alexis so u better watch out galz!!!!!!

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    Xavi needs to get laid.

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