Public Power in Europe
(Cliohres. Thematic work groups 1)
Editor/s: J. S. Amelang - S. Beer
Publication date: 10/1/2006

Book Description
Public Power in Europe
The theme offers opportunities for particular insights. History has a very important role in furnishing tools for analysing and representing forms of public power. It has often been used quite explicitly to promote, defend or attack this or that hypothesis or solution. Political, legal and institutional historians are even more likely than their colleagues to formulate their working hypotheses and arrange their findings in relation to the political and institutional issues of the day. Per se, this is not only unavoidable, it is necessary. Historians are often employed by states and public bodies; they teach in Universities whose general mandate includes cultivating the national history and culture. Historians are experts on how and why today’s political organisation is as it is. They have the privilege, as well as obligation, of sharing their insights.




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