Development of the Flameproof Diesel Vehicle Applied New Exhaust Gas Dry Type Treatment System.

Accession number;02A0274001
Title;Development of the Flameproof Diesel Vehicle Applied New Exhaust Gas Dry Type Treatment System.
Author; MATSUMOTO HIROYUKI (Taiheiyo Coal Min. Co., Ltd.) ICHIHARA YOSHIHISA (Taiheiyo Coal Min. Co., Ltd.) NAGASAKI NAOKI (Taiheiyo Coal Min. Co., Ltd.)
Journal Title;Journal of the Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan
Journal Code:F0463A
Figure&Table&Reference;FIG.14, TBL.7, REF.9
Pub. Country;Japan
Abstract;It is a worldwide problem to treat the diesel exhaust gas as clean as possible because the toxic emission damages not only a human health but also the global environment. In underground mine, it is also a serious problem because the space is limited and it is probably possible for workers to be exposed from the diesel exhaust gas. Taiheiyo Coal Mining Co., Ltd (Taiheiyo Coal Mine) introduced the three types of diesel vehicles using the exhaust gas water type treatment system in the past. However there were many troubles such as supplying the water in a scrubber tank frequently, cleaning a scrubber tank anytime and keeping a floor in good condition. To solve these kinds of troubles, Taiheiyo Coal Mine developed new exhaust gas dry type treatment system consisted of the new oxidation catalyst, modified flame arrester, spark arrester and ceramics filter. As a result of exhaust gas analysis, the low content of toxic emission and temperature level in exhaust gas that could clear the government approval standard were achieved. Especially, CO and HC content were lower than limitation of the heavy diesel vehicle on surface in 2003. Two types of diesel vehicles, one is 75kw LHD and the other is 45kW dump truck, have developed and operated since 1997 in underground. In this paper, new exhaust gas dry type treatment system and results of the exhaust gas analysis are described. Subsequently, efficiency of diesel vehicle compared with a conventional method is discussed. (author abst.)