What colour is the 11 route?

This year I decided to see what colour the outer circle was. I’ve been fascinated with an iPhone app called Color Identifier that does nothing else but read out the colours it detects in the centre of the camera’s sensor — based first on RGB values and then this list of colour names.

Here’s what it looks like:

I sat on the top deck of the bus and angled the camera so the colours it was reading were around eye-level for someone on the pavement. A bit like this (it hurt my arm to hold it in one position for two and a half hours, but I’m hard):

The headphone output of the phone was linked up to a recorder, recording it in real-time. The app reads a new colour about every three seconds.

I got on the 11C at around 11:20am, on Vicarage Road in King’s Heath, but it took around one stop to set up the iPhone and Zoom H2 to record. So, the circuit started here, opposite King’s Heath Park. The circuit took around 2 hours 20 min — the driver had a fag break in Ward End and popped in to a house opposite Acock’s Green Garage for a minute or two.

So here’s what colour the outer circle is:

A beautifully relaxing two-plus hours of spoken word (please feel free to download and make your own interpretation).

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  1. Posted 12 November 2010 at 12:05 am | Permalink

    Sorry I aren’t participating this year.
    Busy watching trees blow down in the park.
    Doing elf & facety training.
    Thinking about the contrast in weather from last year’s lovely outing.
    I’m doing the outer circle in my mind.

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