Charters of the Selsey, ed. S. E. Kelly, Anglo-Saxon Charters 6 (Oxford: Published for The British Academy by Oxford University Press, 1998).


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1. (S 232) Cædwalla, king (of the West Saxons), grants fifty-five hides in and around Selsey and thirty-two hides elsewhere in West Sussex to Bishop Wilfrid. A.D. 673
2. (S 45, S 1172) (a) Nothhelm, king of the South Saxons, grants thirty-three hides at Lidsey, Aldingbourne, Lenstedegate and Mundham, Sussex, to his sister Nothgyth. A.D. 692
(b) Nothgyth transfers the land to Bishop Wilfrid. [A.D. 692 x 709]
(c) Confirmations by Offa, king of the Mercians [A.D. c. 771 x 796]; Æthelwulf, king of the West Saxons [A.D. 839 x 858, ? 854]; and Ceolwulf I, king of the Mercians [A.D. 821 x 823]
3. (S 1173) Bruny (Bryni), dux of the South Saxons, grants four hides at Highleigh, Sussex, to Eadberht, abbot. [? A.D. c. 700]
4. (S 43) Nunna, king of the South Saxons, grants twenty hides at Hugabeorgum and Dene to Eadberht, bishop of Selsey. A.D. 775
5. (S 44) (a) Nunna, king of the South Saxons, grants four hides at Peppering, Sussex, to Berhfrith, famulus Dei. [c. A.D. 705 x (716 x ?)]
(b) Eolla, having acquired the land from Berhfrith, sells it to Wulfhere. [c. A.D. 705 x (716 x ?)]
(c) Beoba grants the land to Beorra and Ecca. [c. A.D. 733 x (747 x c. 765)]
(d) Osmund, king (of the South Saxons), buys the land from his comes Erra and grants it, with the addition of his own property, to Tidburh, Dei famula. [probably A.D. 770 x 772]
6. (S 42) Nunna, king of the South Saxons, grants four hides at Herotunun, three at Tættæshamsted and three at Sidlesham, Sussex, to Beadufrith and the monks of Selsey. A.D. 714 [? for 717 or 724]
7. (S 46) (a) Æthelberht, king of the South Saxons, grants eighteen hides at Wittering, Sussex, to Diosza. [A.D. 733 x (747 x c. 765)]
(b) Diosza transfers the land to his sister. [A.D. 733 x (747 x c. 765)]
(c) Confirmation by Offa, king (of the Mercians). [probably A.D. c. 772 x 796]
8. (S 47) Æthelberht, king of the South Saxons, grants a half hide in Chichester, Sussex, to Bishop Wilfrid.
9. (S 48) Osmund grants twelve hides at Ferring, Sussex, to his comes Wealhhere. A.D. '762' [probably for 765]
10. (S 49) (a) Osmund, king of the South Saxons, grants fifteen hides at Henfield, Sussex, to his comes Wærbald and Wærbald's wife Tidburh for St Peter's church. A.D. 770
(b) Confirmation by Offa, (king of the Mercians). [A.D. 771 x 796, perhaps c. 771 x 774]
11. (S 1184) (a) Oslac, dux of the South Saxons, grants Earnley and Tiel=sora to St Paul's church. A.D. 780
(b) Confirmation by Offa, king of the Mercians. [A.D. 787 x 796]
12. (S 1183) (a) Ealdwulf, dux of the South Saxons, grants three hides at Peartingawirth and Wealingawirth to the church of St Peter, Selsey. [? A.D. 780 x 786]
(b) Confirmation by Offa, king of the Mercians. [A.D. 786 x 796, probably 787 x 796]
13. (S 1178) Ealdwulf, dux of the South Saxons, grants a wood at Cealtborgsteal to Bishop Wehthun for the church of St Andrew, Ferring. A.D. '711' [for (786 x 789) x 796, perhaps 791]
14. (S 158) Record of a synod at Chelsea. Coenwulf, king of the Mercians, restores land at Denton, Sussex, to Wehthun, bishop of Selsey. A.D. 801
15. (S 1435) Record of a synod at Clofesho. A dispute between Cynred, bishop of the South Saxons, and Beornwulf, king of the Mercians, concerning land at Denton, Sussex, is settled in Cynred's favour. A.D. 825
16. (S 1206) (a) Grant by Goda, optimas and minister, of four hides at (Up) Marden, Sussex, to Wiohstan; with a note of Wiohstan's purchase of a further hide, presumably at Marden, from Alfred and his wife Ealhswaru. [A.D. 899 x c. 909]
(b) Confirmation by King Æthelstan of the sale of the land, on the occasion of Wiohstan's departure for Rome with his wife and son, to Bishop Wulfhun (of Selsey), for two thousand silver pence and a horse. [A.D. 931 x 939]
17. (S 403) King Æthelstan grants four hides at Medmerry, with woodland and fields at Earnley and meadow outside Chichester, Sussex, to Beornheah, bishop (of Selsey). A.D. 930
18. (S 506) King Eadmund grants four hides at Bracklesham and two at Thorney (or Earnley), Sussex, to Ælfred, bishop (of Selsey). A.D. 945
19. (S 616) King Eadwig grants sixty hides (possibly at Oving, Halnaker, Eartham and Up Waltham, Sussex) to Bishop Brihthelm and the monks of Chichester. A.D. 956
20. (S 1291) Bishop Brihthelm restores to the South Saxon see forty-two hides at Selsey, Sidlesham, Itchenor, Birdham, Egesawyde, Brinfast and Wittering, with seven hides at Aldingbourne and Lidsey, six at Geinstidesgate (? Westergate), eight at Houghton, four at Coldwaltham, and nine at Mundham, all in West Sussex. A.D. 957
21. (S 872) King Æthelred grants four hides at Colworth (in Oving, Sussex) to Leofstan, his minister. A.D. 988