Dive and Swim

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LAR-5 UBA Comparison

Exclusive from specwargear.com!

Draeger LAR-5 UBA, and LAR-5 UBA Mod 2 comparison.

Made in Germany, LAR-5 UBA is one of the most famous pure oxygen military rebreathers. It is always an icon of the US Navy SEAL. It is a simple operative, and highly reliable system. This apparatus is completely bubble-free with a low gas consumption. Typically designed for use in shallow water (less than 21 fsw). It is intended as a rapid insertion / extraction UBA for combat swimmers, also suits for recon, and EOD missions.

Photos on the left showing the comparison of the original LAR-V model (green bottle), and the current LAR-V mod 2 model. Mod 2 model has a bigger oxygen cylinder, an upgraded valve / regulator, and an upgraded top gauge. Some Mod 2 models come with nylon body harness, and nylon gas cylinder fixation straps with a plastic ladderloc.






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dive-LAR-VII-2.jpg (58764 bytes)  

LAV-7 Rebreather

LAR VII non-magnetic rebreather. It can be configured into semi-closed or closed circuit rebreather. It is a mixed-gas closed-circuit diving apparatus facilitates long and deep diving operations. The Dräger LAR7 has two supply-tanks and can be switched between Nitrox-SCR- and Oxygen-CCR-Mode on the fly, that means it provides bubble free diving in shallow water and bubble reduced diving in the Nitrox- depth range. The module with the Oxygen-tank, counterlung, scrubber etc. can also be transferred to the divers back. On the right hand side you see the ABLJ's safety-inflation-bottle, a piece of equipment that no diver should cut out. 

Info from: Drager website and readers.




dive-LAR-VI-1.jpg (20858 bytes) dive-LAR-VI-2.jpg (36471 bytes)
dive-LAR6-1.jpg (83039 bytes) dive-LAR6-2.jpg (69771 bytes)

LAR-6 Rebreather

LAR VI Rebreather. It is a closed circuit oxygen diving apparatus for use in special operations. LAR VI is designed in compliance with STANG 2897 class "A" for none Magnetic signatures. LAR VI is the successor of the LAR V most widely used within NATO and allied countries and has proven its simplicity and reliability. Depending on oxygen uptake the diving apparatus has an endurance of up to 4 hours even in cold water.

Info from Drager website, and reader.



dive-LAR-FGT II.jpg (13275 bytes)  


FGTII military rebreather. Semi closed diving apparatus for MCM operations Comply to STANAG 2897 Class A.

Pictures from original manufacturer newsletter.


dive-lanyard 1.jpg (40979 bytes)  

Combat Diver Lanyard

Combat Diver lanyard. This is the exact lanyard used by USMC or SEAL combat divers. The coiled lanyard keeps instrument close to the diver when buckle up. Once the lanyard is un-buckled, it extends easily when instrument is in use. Ideal for gauges, lights, cameras, catch bags, technical gear, and the compass board. The lanyard can also be used in any kind of rigs.

Picture from USMC demo.



dive-WL camo dry suit-1.jpg (15234 bytes)  

SEAL Camo Dry Suit  

Navy SEAL Woodland Camo Dry Suit. 

Picture: from a reader.


dive-waterproof rucksack-2.jpg (38408 bytes) dive-waterproof rucksack-3.jpg (40063 bytes)
dive-waterproof rucksack-1.jpg (32857 bytes)  

Waterproof Rucksack  

Military waterproof rucksack for underwater special operations. Unit contains waterproof zipper, external pockets, ALICE rucksack frame. Buoyancy of the rucksack is controlled by compress air supply or oral inflation system. The rucksack is designed to carry 60 lbs of equipment. It remains waterproof to depths greater than 70 feet of water.

Info: from manufacturer.


dive-waterproof bag-9.jpg (47907 bytes) dive-waterproof bag-8.jpg (44006 bytes)

Waterproof Utility Pouch  

Military waterproof utility pouch. Equipped with waterproof zipper, oral inflation tube, and cover.

Pictures: from reader.


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dive-camo diver suit-3.jpg (90400 bytes) dive-camo diver suit-4.jpg (20434 bytes)

Military Camo Wetsuit  

Military camo wetsuit of US combat divers. 2 pieces design, oblique zipper and shoulder pouch. 

Pictures: from readers.


dive-mine-1.jpg (38316 bytes) dive-mine-2.jpg (34267 bytes)
dive-mine-3.jpg (49870 bytes)  

Limpet Mine  

Limpet mine, a standard equipment of the SEAL combat divers. It is a highly explosive used for disabling and destroying surface vessels. 

Pictures and info: from US Navy Demo.


dive-LAR-V-7.jpg (34319 bytes) dive-LAR-V-8.jpg (37072 bytes)
dive-LAR-V-5.jpg (45771 bytes) dive-LAR-V-4.jpg (38992 bytes)

LAR-V Rebreather

Military LAR-V rebreather, the well-known oxygen closed circuit rebreather of US combat divers, e.g. Navy SEALs. This apparatus is completely bubble-free with a low gas consumption. 

Pictures taken at a US surplus store.


dive-LAR-V-SEAL-1.jpg (60007 bytes) dive-LAR-V-SEAL-2.jpg (52016 bytes)
dive-LAR-V-SEAL-3.jpg (36273 bytes) dive-LAR-V-SEAL-4.jpg (50431 bytes)


Pictures show the upgraded version of LAR-V  rebreather, currently used by US Navy SEALs. It has a larger volume oxygen gas cylinder.

Pictures taken at US Navy Demo.


dive-life vest-LAR-4.jpg (46636 bytes) dive-life vest-LAR-3.jpg (48733 bytes)
dive-life vest-LAR-1.jpg (49685 bytes) dive-life vest-LAR-6.jpg (42128 bytes)

Secumar Vest of LAR-V

Secumar vest of LAR-V life preserver. Horse collar style, equipped with two high pressure gas cylinder for inflation. Currently used by US Navy SEALs and US combat divers.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.



dive-806vest-1.jpg (39565 bytes) dive-806vest-3.jpg (34852 bytes)
dive-806vest-2.jpg (44813 bytes) dive-806vest-5.jpg (46963 bytes)

Life Preserver of LAR-V

The new military life preserver of LAR-V. It is a horse collar type life preserver with waist and crotch straps. The life preserver can be inflated by means of high pressure air supply bottles, CO2 inflators, SCUBA regulator. It is currently used by US Navy SEALs, USMC combat divers.

Pictures: from distributor of the manufacturer. 



dive-TAC broad-6.jpg (46528 bytes) dive-TAC broad-7.jpg (42578 bytes)
dive-TAC broad-1.jpg (72564 bytes) dive-TAC broad-2.jpg (51303 bytes)

Military Diver Navigation Broad

Military underwater navigation broad, currently used by US combat divers.

The broad integrates with a compact depth gauge, a G-shock watch, an underwater compass, and a built-in adjustable chem-light holder.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.


dive-TAC broad-new-1.jpg (22178 bytes)  

Combat Swim Broad  

Combat swim broad, smaller and lighter than the diver navigation board. it's compact design makes it easier to deploy with.

Information from: Manufacturer newsletter.


dive-depthgauge-1.jpg (35627 bytes) dive-depthgauge-4.jpg (63696 bytes)
dive-depthgauge-6.jpg (70938 bytes) dive-depthgauge-3.jpg (27058 bytes)

Military Depth Gauge  

Current depth gauges of US Navy SEALs.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo and dive store.


dive-compass-1.jpg (48770 bytes) dive-compass-2.jpg (29619 bytes)
dive-compass-3.jpg (77405 bytes) dive-depthgauge-3.jpg (27058 bytes)

Dive Compass

Military dive compass of US Navy SEALs.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo and dive store.



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dive-mask-2.jpg (35255 bytes) dive-mask-9.jpg (28589 bytes)
dive-mask-5.jpg (36808 bytes) dive-mask-4.jpg (35923 bytes)
dive-mask-7.jpg (35959 bytes) dive-mask-3.jpg (41028 bytes)

Dive Masks

Pictures show the various type of dive mask used by US Navy SEALs.



dive-FFM-5.jpg (49525 bytes) dive-FFM-6.jpg (52335 bytes)
dive-FFM-2.jpg (10274 bytes) dive-FFM-4.jpg (25476 bytes)
dive-FFM-1.jpg (28678 bytes)

Military Full Face Mask  

Pictures show the US military Full Face Mask (FFS). Currently used by US Navy SEALs and US combat divers. FFM functions well in sewage and protects the diver's face.

Pictures from magazines and manufacturer newsletters.



dive-suit-1.jpg (77764 bytes) dive-suit-2.jpg (57835 bytes)
dive-hood-2.jpg (47318 bytes)  

Military Wetsuit

Military wetsuit of US Navy SEALs, horizontal front zip shorty wetsuit, with face seal titanium hood which has ear phone pocket.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.



dive-wetsuit-6.jpg (30524 bytes) dive-wetsuit-5.jpg (31511 bytes)
dive-wetsuit-1.jpg (35389 bytes) dive-hood-1.jpg (27843 bytes)

Military Jump suit

One of the jumpsuit used by US Navy SEALs, front zip wetsuit. Features: arm pocket at left forearm, knife pouch at inner right calf, utility pocket at right front thigh, protective knee pads and spine pad. 

Military dive hood (bottom right).




dive-glove-1.jpg (31919 bytes)

Dive Gloves

One of the dive gloves used by US Navy SEALs. Titanium lined five finger glove, alligator Velcro wrist strap, prebent palm and fingers.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.


dive-boot-1.jpg (27488 bytes) dive-boot-2.jpg (29537 bytes)
dive-boot-3.jpg (63409 bytes) dive-boot-5.jpg (48238 bytes)
dive-boot-4.jpg (58583 bytes)

Dive Boots  

Pictures show some of the dive boots used of US Navy SEALs. Round toe boot, heel and toe support.



dive-boot seal A-2.jpg (26718 bytes) dive-boot seal A-1.jpg (32450 bytes)
dive-boot seal A-3.jpg (35669 bytes)

SEAL Dive Boots  

Early dive boots of US Navy SEALs.

Pictures: from a SEAL Veteran.



dive-boot seal B-1.jpg (26613 bytes) dive-boot seal B-2.jpg (30912 bytes)
dive-boot seal B-3.jpg (38542 bytes)

SEAL Dive Boots  

Early dive boots of US Navy SEALs.

Picture: from a SEAL Veteran.



dive-coral boot 1.jpg (22843 bytes) dive-coral boot 2.jpg (26081 bytes)

SEAL Coral Boots  

Coral boots of US Navy SEALs.

Picture: from a SEAL Veteran.



dive-boot-workboot-1.jpg (28897 bytes) dive-boot-workboot-2.jpg (31739 bytes)


Current workboot of US Navy SEALs and rescue agencies. Uppers of the lace-up mesh, neoprene, and synthetic leather provide superior ankle support and a secure fit. Plastic 2 mm midsole shim delivers sturdy protection from sharp rocks and the 7mm insole cushions your feet comfortably. Self draining, quick-drying, they float! SEALs members wear dive fins over the workboot during operations.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.



dive-weight belt-1.jpg (29746 bytes) dive-weight belt-2.jpg (46233 bytes)
dive-weight belt-3.jpg (24857 bytes)

Weight Belt  

Pictures shows the dive weight belt used by US Navy SEALs.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo and dive store.



dive-fin-1.jpg (27010 bytes) dive-fin-2.jpg (29469 bytes)
dive-fin-3.jpg (22423 bytes) dive-fin-5.jpg (79850 bytes)
dive-fin-6.jpg (27171 bytes) dive-fin-4.jpg (40968 bytes)

Dive Fins

Pictures show the various dive fins used by US Navy SEALs.



dive-waterproof bag-1.jpg (77540 bytes) dive-waterproof bag-2.jpg (71567 bytes)
dive-waterproof bag-3.jpg (53756 bytes) dive-waterproof bag-4.jpg (49167 bytes)
dive-waterproof bag-5.jpg (69570 bytes) dive-waterproof bag-6.jpg (68153 bytes)

Combat Waterproof Bags  

Combat waterproof bags. Bags are produced from 420-denier junior ballistic urethane coated pac-cloth, sewn, and double heat vulcanized. All bags equipped with air/gas/water tight zipper, and oral inflator. These bags are currently used by US combat divers, Navy SEALs, are other US Special Forces.

Pictures: Weapon bag, backpack, gas mask bag and etc.

Information: from manufacturer newsletter and shows.



dive-knife-1.jpg (28440 bytes) dive-knife-2.jpg (15126 bytes)

Dive Knife  

One of the titanium dive knife used by US Navy SEALs, high abrasion resistant beta alloy, professional serrated edges, hammer handle, latch release rustproof. 


dive-knife-steel-1.jpg (26001 bytes) dive-knife-steel-3.jpg (21473 bytes)
dive-knife-steel-2.jpg (25784 bytes)

Dive Knife

Stainless steel dive knife of US Navy SEALs. 7" blade, 420-stainless steel, serrated, heavy stainless butt cap.

Information: from a historian of US Navy SEAL.



dive-tape-1.jpg (28492 bytes)  

Dive Tape

Secure and fix any pieces of equipment under water.


Special thanks to the people who have assisted us in this page.



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