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Tobe M’car Make a Splash in Taibei
Tobe M’car Make a Splash in Taibei
Jan 12, 2010

Before the Chinese spring festival, Geely Panda’s brother, tobe M’car launches in Taibei. As the corporate products of Geely and Taiwan Yulong, Tobe becomes a hot buy for Taibei Customers, receiving over 700 purchasing orders just a few days after launching ceremony and makes a good beginning for its coming Taiwan and global sales.


During the Taibei Auto show from the end of Dec 2009 to Jan 3rd 2010, Tobe highlights its unique environmental-friendly design and exquisite manufacturing and makes a successful splash. The appearance of Tobe is almost the same as Geely Panda yet enjoys a better performance. Its main parts are produced from Geely and less than 15% from Taiwan. And in line with the standard European vehicles, Tobe is equipped with pre-tension seat belt, Germany Continental ABS and EBD, all to guarantee a most advanced safety active protection. For passive safety protection, its cage-type body design is equipped with 6 inner airbags. And its engine, like Geely Panda, is the MR479Q plus DELPHI and BOSCH EFI electronic fuel control systems that could meet the diversified urban driving demands. In addition, Tobe, the Taiwan edition Panda, are installed with camera in the rearview mirror, deviation alarm and other electronic intelligent installations.  


It is learnt that in Taiwan auto market, the current popular auto prices are clustered between 0.4 million to 1million NTD. So Tobe of 0.365-0.429 million NTD, is a fresh player that may change the current Japanese brand-dominant auto pattern in Taiwan by its “favorable price”, ”pleasant performance”, “Green and energy-effiencent” as well as “great safety performance”. Mr. LiuJinliang, vice president of Geely said at the media interview that Taiwan auto companies enjoy a wealth of overseas trading and Geely is planning to set Taiwan as its new exporting base. Geely Panda’s cute appearance and superior safety performance as well as its display of “cool” and “fun” will well flatter Taiwan Youngsters and Yulong are thus ready to make the deal with Geely. Now, Geely has authorized Yulong to operate Geely’s Vietnam and Philippine market. The first 118 Geely Pandas have been sold out in Vietnam and the sales record in Taiwan is also quite exciting, with over 700 units orders fresh after the launch and is estimated that sales volume this year will hit 8,000 to 10,000 units.