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Professor John Tyrrell


John Tyrrell Position: Honorary Professor Email:
Fax: +44(0)29 208 74379
Location: 33 Corbett Road (Annexe)

John Tyrrell was born in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) and studied at the universities of Cape Town, Oxford and Brno. After working as an editor at The Musical Times and on The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, he joined the University of Nottingham as Lecturer in Music (1976), becoming Reader in Opera Studies (1987) and Professor (1996). He was awarded a two-year British Academy Research Fellowship in 1992. From 1996 to 2000 he was Executive Editor of the second edition of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2001). From 2000-08 he was Research Professor at Cardiff University, where he continues as an Honorary Professor.

John Tyrrell's work has been concerned with Czech music, in particular that of Leoš Janáček, and includes an edition, with Sir Charles Mackerras, of Janáček's opera Jenufa that restored the composer's original intentions and which has been extensively performed throughout the world. In 2002 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Masaryk University of Brno for his work on Janáček and Czech music and in 2003 a Charles Flint Kellogg Award in Arts and Letters (New York). From 1999-2005 he was chairman of the Music Libraries Trust.

John Tyrrell directs two online databases: the Prague Concert Life, 1850-81 (funded by The Leverhulme Trust), in collaboration with the Principal Research Assistant, Dr Karl Stapleton (database online from February 2007) and the Concert Programmes Database (jointly with the RCM, funded by the AHRC), in collaboration with the Project Manager, Dr Rupert Ridgewell of the British Library (database online from December 2007).



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(with Charles Mackerras) Leos Janáček: Jenufa: Jeji pastorkyna: Brno version (1908) (full score, Vienna: Universal Edition, 1996; piano-vocal score, Vienna: Universal Edition, 2000)

Other Output

Reviews in twentieth-century music, Times Literary Supplement, etc.


John Tyrrell has completed an article on ‘Janáček and melodrama’ (for a forthcoming Ashgate volume on melodrama) and is working on a new edition with the late Sir Charles Mackerras (full score and piano vocal score) of Janáček’s Z mrtveho domu [From the House of the Dead] for Universal Edition, Vienna (2012).

Research Papers and Public Lectures


‘From Kings to Criminals: Janáček’s Changing Maestoso Moods’, Christchurch University, Canterbury, 24 February 2011

‘Maestoso Janáček’, IAML, Annual Study Weekend, Nottingham, 12 April 2010

‘Janáček and the 'Military Motif' from Salome’, 'Leoš Janáček within European Culture: 43rd International Musicological Conference', Brno, 30 September 2008

‘The Thirteenth Head: achievements in reflections on Fibich’s stage melodramas Hippodamia', conference 'Music and the Melodramatic Aesthetic', Nottingham, 5 September 2008

‘Pigeon holes and politics: Janáček’s anniversaries’, keynote address to Society for Musicology in Ireland annual conference, Waterford, 10 May 2008

'What went wrong with Makropulos?', Colloque international Leoš Janáček: culture européenne et création, Paris, 3-5 April 2008

'Janáček's Album for Kamila', lecture-recital with William Howard, Cardiff University, 11 December 2007; Merlin Festival, Monmouth, 18 September 2008

'Prekinitve in ponovni zacetki v Janackovem ustvarjalnem procesu: nekaj razmisljanj in hipotez', Ljubljana University, 19 November 2007