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Curious what other coffee brands taste like?

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Knowing the coffee brands at home aren't the only one out there is the first thing we all need to accept. We're glad you also realized this and you just want to satisfy your curiosity and open your world to a new coffee experience.

What you'll find in this page:
General Coffee Information
Product Links (Amazon.com)
What is this?

A lot of us are stuck for years with a combination of Maxwell House and Starbucks Coffee or Peet's Coffee and Yuban coffee or whatever coffee combination we have at home. We can't blame you for this as other brands are more popular than others for various reasons like marketing, taste and area of distribution. But there are a lot of brands of coffee out there waiting for you to try them out.

With this, maybe it's time to try something new. You might not be ready for a change but your palettes are craving for it. Who knows you might actually discover something new that you'll be waking up to every morning.

So why not try other coffee brands right?(For those resistant to a whole new adventure)

We know you love your coffee and are loyal to it but we also know that you love coffee in general. Every brand of coffee has their own unique coffee blend because they know that some want it pure Arabica while some want a mixture of different beans.

Every coffee company also source their beans from differentparts of the world and this leads to a different body, aroma and taste. If you're the type who wants organic, there are some who does this too.

There's a coffee brand for everybody.

Know of any of coffee brand names/coffee blends we've missed? Please don't hesitate to let us know, we'd be happy to taste a new one. As for now here's a list ofthe coffee brands we have:


  • Alterra Coffee Roasters
  • An Giang Coffee
  • Austin Chase


  • Big Train
  • Boss Coffee


  • Café Bom Dia
  • Caffiato
  • Caffitaly
  • Café Britt
  • Café HAG
  • Cafédirect
  • Camp Coffee
  • Capresso
  • Caribou Coffee
  • Chase & Sanborn Coffee Company
  • Chock full o'Nuts
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • Coolatta
  • Coop Kaffe
  • Copper Moon


  • Dallmayr
  • Douwe Egberts


  • Easy Serving Espresso Pod
  • Easy Serving Espresso Pod
  • Eight O'Clock Coffee
  • Equal Exchange
  • Equal Exchange Trading
  • Espresso Vivace


  • Fasig's
  • Flavia
  • Farmers Union Iced Coffee
  • Ferrara Cafe
  • Folgers
  • FrancisFrancis
  • Friele


  • Gaggia
  • Gevalia
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  • Guglielmo coffee


  • High Point
  • Hills Brothers Coffee


  • Illy


  • Jacobs
  • Juan Valdez
  • Just Us!


  • Kenco
  • Kimbo


  • Larry's Beans
  • Lavazza
  • Lavazza BLUE
  • Löfbergs Lila


  • Matthew Algie
  • Maxwell House
  • Melitta Premium Coffees
  • Millstone Coffee
  • MJB (coffee)
  • Moccona
  • Mr. Brown Coffee





  • Teeccino
  • Torrefazione Settebello
  • Tully's


  • UCC Ueshima Coffee Co


  • World Harvest Estate Coffees (Organic)


  • Yuban

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