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Written by

Edward Montebello


22/Feb at 18:48



Can Bonomo, Turkey 2012 - © Can Bonomo
© Can Bonomo

Love me back

Turkey: Can Bonomo reveals his entry

Can Bonomo revealed his song on a special show broadcasted on TRT. He was internally selected to represent Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Baku. In Europe's favourite show he will sing the song Love me back which has typical Turkish tune.

During the live show Can Bonomo performed infront of the public the Turkish entry entitled Love me back. He also performed some of his popular songs. In the special show hosted by Isik Ozden, Husniya Maharramova who presented many Azeri selections was interviewed about the organisation for the Eurovision Song Contest. This year’s Turkish stated that he feels proud to represent Turkey. Bonomo took part in the production process of the song, under the coordination of producer Can Saban. Infact Saban wrote the lyrics while Bonomo composed the Turkish entry.

Can Bonomo started his music career at the age of eight as a guitarist. Over the years, he has developed his singing skills and has become known to the public thanks to appearances on radio shows and television commercials. His debut album Meczup was released early last year and all of the songs are written by the singer.

Last year Turkey failed to qualify to the final and Bonomo hopes that he will put his country back on track. He will compete in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 24th May.

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Martin Fjellanger [45578]
Fri 24 Feb 2012 02:02:56

I LOVE THIS!!! Dont know if this can win, but I will certainly vote for it. :) Congratulations Turkey! Great song :) Hopefully many points from Norway ;)

12 points [64056]
Fri 24 Feb 2012 00:47:32

@Muse muse, i googled Cenk and no he wasn't one of the players that i was talking about but wow he is also hawt.

muse muse [34925]
Fri 24 Feb 2012 00:14:53

@true fantasy we so agree on that @donnie darko michalis rakitzis was just ahead of his time with the most cult esc entry ever :)) few years later lordi won ! ( in athens , tyxaio de nomizo ! ) @12 points if i judge from my gf when u talk about tr basketball player u probably mean cenk akyol . fingers crossed for more interesting songs in esc , so far i like only three of them norway , turkey , israel good luck to can

12 points [64056]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 23:57:59

I just LOL and say Jesus!

Dino la la love! [58964]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 23:39:37

Balkan Lady Well reading your comment I can tell that you are super silly...

12 points [64056]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 23:37:28

@Balkan Lady yes i was talking about him i think he is amazing and even better than Brad Pitt, do u know i saw him on a Greek channel and then my friends told he is a Turkish actor but i also like Murat Boz,Tarkan,Murat Dakilic, all 3 Gokhans and Kerem Cam there r also some Turkish actors and basketball players that i know who r really hawt but i don't remember their names.Good luck to Turkey and CAN, i like both the song and the singer.

mer maid [34070]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 22:58:17

Balkan Lady,as you know I'm a fan of Yuksek Sadakat but I never placed them in my top10 even though I found their eurovision entry quite listenable...I knew they wouldn't go further because they did not go with their usual stuff which is a pity... but this year I'm pretty confident about Can's is very US and he did not force himself to be something he is not for Eurovision ...I totally appreciate that!The programme is on probably one of TRT channels...just check the tv guide..I'm too lazy to look for it

Thu 23 Feb 2012 22:33:53

@12 points i think u mean Kıvanc Tatlıtuğ by saying the blond guy who looks like brad pitt :D he is the one who is so popular in other countries but i prefer many others to him,i can name 100 names easily who r better than kıvanç but of course it is matter of taste . @mer maid i think our song is better than last year which was really bad for me but nothing something like manga's song :)) thanks a lot for informing about the programme i can watch it, i am a student i don't work :) is this show me on trt muzik?

mer maid [34070]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 22:16:40

Balkan Lady,I'm fine thanks :)mostly busy nowadays so I can't be online as much as I did before.Do I love our entry?Yes,I do :)I'm very proud of Can and happy with the outcome..He gave us more than I expected (eurovisionwise).I simply adore Turkish sounds and his theatric show no need to mention his cuteness :)He is different and his difference will make the difference so I'm pretty optimistic this year ;) ps:Can Bonomo and Bulent Ozveren will be guests on Eurovision'a Dogru @14:10tomorrow..and they'll be talking about the things they are planning.Don't miss it if you are not working!

12 points [64056]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 22:14:38

@Anita u must watch some Turkish channels &music videos.Can is very cute but in beauty he can't compete with other hot Turkish men that i know imo even the user Ata is cuter than him .Btw what was the name of the Turkish guy who looks like Brad Pitt ? I think he is the cutest man of east europe. About the song again i repeat melody is cool,his accent is good and lyrics of the song isn't better or worse than the rest.Despite Ukraine is my fav esc country i must accept that nothing can be worse than Ukrainian songs' lyrics.

Donnie Darko [13880]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 22:08:01

Balkan LAdy , you're funny.You propably aren't familiar with my very negative feelings when it comes to GRE 02 , 03 , 07 and 2009...Regarding Cyprus 2012 it's far from a musical masterpiece.Actually I gave Cyprus and Turkey 2012 the same score = 6/12 !

wizard with turquoise [61315]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 22:07:21

I liked ısrael' song too but talking like it is gorgeous is exaggerating. IT is a Song which is more than avarage and close to good. FOr me. ANd I liked it

Donnie Darko [13880]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 21:59:05

Balkan Lady , no need to write the same stuff again.Got your point.Believe me there are Greek users who bash several Greek entries ( like Paschalis , Mina etc ) and are objective when it comes to songs.Stick to the users you appreciate or every article related to Greece or Turkey will turn into A BIG mess ! I simply expressed my honest opinion regarding Turkey 2012 ! No need to get upset from one person's opinion somewhere on an island in Greece...

Thu 23 Feb 2012 21:54:53

this is my opinion r u really turk? i say it cos a typical turk likes this years song more than last years horror :) at least this song has the sound that we r used to , i also didnt like the song much but i prefer it to live it up without any doubts , i can understand when someone from west thinks the opposite but turks prefer the melody of love me back to live it up :))@ mer maid how r u? we couldnt talk with u after the song, did u like it ?

Thu 23 Feb 2012 21:49:14

@dino do u really live in UK or r u kidding , your english is really bad then for someone who lives there and u criticize other's english? :)))) can's english is much better than yours and he doesn't live in uk, for sure can doesn't kill this lang but i doubt about u especially when i remember the grammar in some of your comments and raki balik is a very nice user now he is your new victim to have a fight with , of course he can say whatever he wants about our singer he is a turkish fan at the end and can is representing us, as a greek u commented more than he did .but he never attacked someone! and always typed he respects people who dont like can or his song, he just gave the right answer to the people who deserved it on the accent and lyrics issue , first check yourself before talking about someone else , i never underrated other singers or songs so i feel free to criticize u:) @donnie i don't like our song much and i didnt say something about it, i understand people who dont like it many turks also didnt adore it . just how come British people say his accent is fine and again greeks say it is not or how come greeks can criticize lyrics of a song when all their songs r like lets be happy give a kiss baby, fly to the top, come back to the ground, hello maria ,whats up today watch my dance,i dont wanna dance ... i dont think they r different than the songs that u underrate . i didnt know greeks r masters also in english and they can decide who is ok who is not :)) at least your singers never gave us a great accent including the ones who live in usa and uk (kalomira,sarbel,stereo mike) my boy friend is also british and just laughed at your comments our singers dont live in uk or america but still they r so much better than people who live in these countries like dino or sarbel i doubt if they will able to type those lyrics that u dont like :) but i like sarbel i think he was the best greek singer in personality not as a singer though. dino why u dont comment about your singers accent and always defend your singers or songs or do u think ivi has a great accent and lyrics? :)))

This is my opinion [59854]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 21:38:50

true fantasy, dont compare isreal entry "time" with turkey's entry this year, because irael entry is very good, it will fight for victory with good stage performance to connect with audience whereas turkeys entry is nothing special, its even worst than last year which stayed in semi final, i didn't like turkey entry last year especially that horrible stage performance of girl moving like a snake in the cage, horrible, now it doersn't matter what bonomo does on stage this crap entry does not deserve votes, shame on bonomo because he is a good singer and his previous songs were much better than this crap called "love me back" lol, yeah right, sink ship, sail away lol lol lol, i prefer last year disaster to this one because this is even worst as i said can't see turkey in final this year

mer maid [34070]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 21:30:43

The video of the song will be shot in a few doubt It will be as interesting as his previous videos :)

true fantasy [43498]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 20:45:40

Israel and Turkey are sending happiness to this contest. its time to be happy and loose. this two countries cracked the formula to the kind of music people in Europe are wishing to hear. Bravo Turkey Bravo Israel.

Donnie Darko [13880]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 20:20:18

Well Adarvus it was just a matter of time.Actually I was starting to get worried since we shared exactly the same top 3 last year as well. Back on topic.Good luck to our neighbours and well done for not sticking to the same eurovision formula.Turkey is gonna be in the Final , song is gonna be appreciated , it just happens that I don't love it ( yet ).

Anita Smiles Always... [55269]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 20:01:43

lol I listened to the song again, cos I like the song or the lyrics??? Probably not, but the tune is nice and the guy sssooooo cuteee and little crazy hehee.. I believe he will get many points due to the cuteness factor, he has got a baby face which I like :) I believe Turkey is trying different stuff every year not just aiming to win but to show the diversity of music and styles.. Not my top 1 song so far but definitely my top 1 cute Turkish man.. And why are we comparing him with Sakis?? two different men both hot for other reasons lol..

adarvus ceterum [32383]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 19:40:12

Donnie, disagreeing once in a while is always a good thing. We do not want identity crisis alarm here, do we?

Donnie Darko [13880]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 19:27:44

Adarvus HI ! , Not identical top 5's anymore :P

Eurovizz - [59455]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 18:41:11

melisa istanbul my ethnic friend!!!

Lina La La Love it [64285]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 18:31:14

@gunec my favory so far is Iceland !!! :) But Turkey is in my top 5 :)

Bennyfried 2012 [62076]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 18:25:08

I like Can a lot and took some time today to try to like "Love me back" but I totally failed - I do dislike it, but ... anyway good luck, Turkey.

Thu 23 Feb 2012 18:21:51


adarvus ceterum [32383]
Thu 23 Feb 2012 17:54:49

Exactly, Donnie, the lyrics are the problem here. They are the reason I only gave a 10/12 although I love everything else about Turkey 2012. I would prefer if Can sang in a language I do not understand ...

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