Diotime et les lions
Diotima and the Lions
Author : Bauchau
Publisher : Éditions Actes Sud
Parution date : 1991
EAN : 9782742713691

Translated by Nancy Huston, this is a classic tale of the initiation of a young girl from an ancient Persian tribe. Diotime has always been the favorite grandchild of Cambyse, the much-feared chief of the tribe, who taught her how to ride a horse and hunt wild animals, even though it was not traditional for women. When she comes of age, she feels compelled to break with tradition again and convinces her family to let her fight a lion. According to an old ritual, all the men in the tribe have to endure this rite of passage consisting of fighting a lion—the tribe’s mythological ancestor. Many die in the process, but it is the greatest honor to be part of the celebration. Not long after her own victorious encounter with a lion, she meets Arses, a young tribal chief from Greece, with whom she falls in love. A sailor with no experience in the travails of life on land, he will have to kill a lion if he is to win her hand in marriage and take her back to his clan. In this last initation, Diotime accompanies Arses to seek the creature he is destined to fight.

Henry Bauchau : Writer, poet, and psychoanalyst Henry Bauchau was born in 1913 in Belgium. He has spent much of his life in Paris, where he was a friend of Camus and Gide, and later of Lacan and Derrida. Bauchau's novels and poetry have won several major French and Belgian literary prizes, and he was elected to the Belgian Royal Academy in 1990. Oedipus on the Road was published to rave reviews in the United States by Arcade Publishing in 1997.