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Engine Combustion  

Collaborative Research Laboratory


CRL Members

General Motors Corporation and the Engine Research Center (ERC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a Collaborative Research Laboratory (CRL), for achieving the necessary understanding on the fundamentals of in-cylinder and aftertreatment technologies, in order to support GM technology implementations and prepare highly skilled graduate students at the University of Wisconsin, Engine Research Center


Research & Development


This Collaborative Research Laboratory is based on a five year agreement with GM funding. The CRL consists of 24 faculty, staff, graduate students and numerous staff from GM R&D. Five research areas are involved.



Aftertreatment Modeling


Development of a modeling capability for combined engine and aftertreatment systems


Turbulence / Combustion Submodels for CFD


Develop and/or implement improved submodels for turbulence and combustion modeling by CFD codes




Develop improved understanding of near-nozzle spray processes and utilize this understanding to develop improved CFD spray submodels


Gasoline HCCI


Develop improved understanding of species and thermal mixing processes in gasoline HCCI engines


Diesel HCCI


Develop the technology base for understanding how to optimize diesel HCCI-like combustion processes



This Collaborative Research Laboratory is part of a comprehensive leveraging effort developed at the Engine Research Center involving institutions like the United States Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratories and Argonne National Laboratory, engine research consortiums like the Diesel Emissions Reduction Consortium and the Wisconsin Small Engine Consortium and interactions with other private  research sponsors and universities.



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