Neuhaus' medical license is no more
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Ann Kristin NeuhausOperation Rescue doesn't think a Kansas late-term abortion provider will practice medicine in the state again (see earlier story).


The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has ordered the revocation of Ann Kristin Neuhaus' medical license because of her affiliation with late-term abortionist George Tiller. Law at that time required a mental evaluation and a second professional opinion before a woman could abort her late-term child, and according to Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, that was Neuhaus' job.

"The presiding judge who heard the facts in the case indicated that there was no evidence that she conducted proper mental health evaluations on any of these women, even though the reasons that she gave for them to have an abortion were severe mental issues," reports Sullenger, who spent ten years investigating Neuhaus and Tiller.

Cheryl Sullenger (Operation Rescue)A second opinion had to verify that continuation of a pregnancy would cause the patient "substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function." But Neuhaus, for example, would cite the prospect of suffering depression over not going to a high school prom. 11 counts against her were based on 11 patient records involving girls between the ages of ten and 18. Information was also provided that indicated Neuhaus signed off on some abortions, even though she never saw the patients.

"This whole situation has shown that Tiller's late-term abortion business was based on these sham mental health evaluations that may or may not have taken place -- mostly did not take place -- and that their solution to every problem was abortion," the Operation Rescue spokesperson concludes.

She is confident that Tiller's medical license would have also been revoked, had he not been murdered May 31, 2009 -- about two months prior to a scheduled revocation hearing.




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