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Biographies: Anémone

    'C'est pénible, tous ce journalistes qui me trouvent moche, je ne vais pas les contrarier. Je trouve que c' est parce qu'ils n'ont pas très bon goût'

    'L' intimité de la Princesse Anémone: Désopilant!'

    Gai-Pied 19-25 October 1985

Anémone was born on 9 August 1950 in Paris and began her film career in 1967 with an appearance in Philippe Garrel's Anémone from which she was to take her stage name. She worked in café-théâtre for a number of years founding her own troupe and finally joining the Splendid group in 1979. She was nominated for a César for best supporting actress for her role in Michel Deville's Péril en demeure and two years later won the award for best actress for her performance in Jean-Loup Hubert's Le Grand Chemin.

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