Soldak Entertainment has released Din's Curse, an ARPG (a very dynamic hack'n slash game I was lucky to work on) to great reviews. Din's Curse was recently selected as the independent RPG GAME of the YEAR and RPG HYBRID of the YEAR (runner up) by Game Banshee! Check it out at Soldak , or you can see how to play the game at this site under Din's Curse Help. Din's Curse is currently available on Gamers Gate, Impulse, and from Soldak Entertainment. Here's a YouTube video of the latest Trailer.

Funny Video Review Here

Try it today! (Not responsible for player's addiction to the game!!)     
FREE DEMO of Din's Curse is available on Soldak Entertainment's website!
Soldak has just released the DEMON WAR Expansion Pack for Din's Curse which is available for $9.99!! Registered version of Din's Curse required.

Retail Boxed Version

The boxed version of Din's Curse is also currently available at Amazon.com, Microcenter, and Fry's Electronics retail stores!  - Stephen Hornback

And now...  on to the Duke Nukem and other game memorbilia!    
After working on games for nearly 20 years, one's bound to collect a few interesting things over that time. Below are pictures of some of the items I've saved from Duke Nukem 3D to American Mcgee's Alice. Most are in absolutely pristine condition.

You can click on most of these pictures below to see a larger version


Gearbox is doing some videos on the legacy of Duke Nukem. Levelord and I were asked to participate in interviews regarding the development of Duke Nukem 3D, Plutonium Pak, and Duke Nukem Atomic Edition. So in April of 2011, we met Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software and Duke Nukem Forever Savior, at Janimation in Dallas. Here's a picture of all three of us together. I hadn't seen LevelLord or Randy for several years, so it was really nice to talk with both again! I'm the old, balding dude! - heh

And here's the video: YouTube Video of Duke Nukem Legend




Here's a great Duke Nukem 3D picture that hung in the office at 3D Realms that I wish I owned!


Here's a Duke Nukem figurine I was given after working on Duke Nukem. This one was Number 52 of 8500.
 It's in absolutely perfect condition as I've only taken it out of the box a few times to look at it.


Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Box (one of two). Apogee originally sent it in an Apogee box. Cosmo was the first game I ever worked on.
 See how Cosmo was played on YouTube


Here's two Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Paks signed by the entire development team (including myself) as you can see. These CDs belong to private collectors.


Here's the original 3D Realms logo that I designed when George and Scott asked me to create the logo when 3DR was first started, and you won't find a bigger version on the internet


Here's a Duke Nukem 3D box that's never been used. Again, it's in perfect condition. It has the autographs of Todd Replogle, Allen Blum, and myself.


If you only bought the shareware version, this is what you would have recieved back in 1996. It's unopened and still wrapped in celophane.


Here's an original Duke Nukem Action Figure again, in perfect condition


And here's the infamous "Pig Cop" The LAPD just loved this guy!


And the always scary "Octabrain" His brain was actually squishy!


The Battlelord for Duke 3D


And here's "Night Strike Duke" with his camoflage paint. He didn't need it!!


Here's a large poster (38"x24") the we got when Rise of the Triad was finished.


Why, every Duke fan had to have the Duke Nukem Screensaver installed! I recently sold this copy to a private collector.


This poster was used at the very first E3 in La at the ROTT booth. We were right next to Dom Deluise's cooking CD booth. Dom was there posing with fans for pictures. Bill Shatner stopped by to sample Dom's wares. Wierd and cool!


Ha ha, this thing was also hanging from the ceiling at the ROTT booth at the first E3. It's hard to tell, but the ROTT art part has three sides. I wonder why I kept this silly thing.


Here's the full Rise of the Triad game that you'd have found in the store. None of us even looked like those people on the cover! Oh well....


These are the original proofs submitted for 3D Realm's approval for the Shadow Warrior box as well as for the Duke 3D Screen Saver box. This Shadow Warrior box proof wasn't accepted, but I like it! I rescued this artwork from the trash! Glad I did!


Here's another proof I rescued from the trash! It's the art for Duke Nukem Atomic Edition box! What people will throw away!! This proof now belongs to a private collector.


And here's yet another box version of ROTT with added levels and other stuff.


And yet even another version of ROTT with over 40 new crazy levels added!


Here's a framed Duke Nukem Poster that's 18 by 24 inches. Nothing like a big Duke


This is RARE! One of maybe 7 gold CD's presented to 3D Realms each representing one million dollars in sales in 1996. Again, this item was rescued from the trash!


Here's a Duke Nukem Zero Hour backpack. It's never been used. Perfect Condition!


As you might imagine, I have lots of Duke Nukem T-shirts. Some are a bit faded by now, but not this one.


I had more of these shirts than any other. This is the exact same kind of shirt Randy Pitchford wore at Pax 2010 to announce that Gearbox would finish Duke Forever in 2011!


And here's a Shadow Warrior T-shirt in mint condition. I only wore it once in the SW team picture for the SW manual. Now it's owned by a private collector.


This is the Duke Nukem Atomic Edition/Shadow Warrior combination pack: "East meets West". It's pristine and still in it's plastic wrap.


Here's a Prey T-shirt from 1997? I'm guessing that because it says the game will be out in 1998. Talk about being optimistic!!


Here's a Duke Nukem Forever T-shirt from around the year 1999 or 2000. This was when Duke was living in a penthouse at the Lady Killer Hotel and Casino.


This is a Wolfenstein 3D shirt from the early 1990's. This is the game that put id software on the map! Soon after this game came Doom and Feraris! Back in those days, Apogee distributed Wolf 3D for id.


And here's a Max Payne T-shirt from around 2000. I believe this game was created by a team of Finnish developers which probably accounts for the Nordic look of the character on the front of the shirt.


And we even recieved a Duke Nukem Beach Towel! I always wanted to make sure that this item stayed clean and new. It's in perfect condition as far as I can tell. I wonder how many of these towels are still around? Not many I bet!


And a Duke Nukem Forever deck of cards still wrapped up in celophane.


Here's a Half Life hat I got from Gabe Newell, Valve's Managing Director, at the E3 conference in Atlanta. This might have been in 1998 or 1999. Half life was just about to hit the streets. I recognized my friend Chuck Jones's work in the game.


This might be the rarest game shirt in the world. Only a few of these were made and given to me and the rest of the Rise of the Triad team when we were at the first E3 in LA. The mottled look was intentional.


Here's a Rogue Entertainment shirt I got while working on American McGee's Alice.


And a shirt from Ritual Entertainment where I got to work on a lot of great games. I also have a Sin Episodes shirt.  Guess I need to put that one up here too.


And I have a few of these Prey T-shirts from maybe 1997. These had the "Coming from 3D Realms" logo on the back.


I have several sealed packs of these CounterStrike Limited Edition Collector Cards. They are up fpr sale (not on eBay), so if you are interested in getting a pack or two, send me an e-mail and make an offer!


I actually worked on a number of the items on these CS Collector cards such as the Humvee, the VOD, the helicopters, and the AK47 held by the Spetznas to name a few. Get your set. Can be signed if requested.



Ahh... American McGee's Alice had a really cool box! Alice was so much fun to work on!


Here's my very cool Alice pocketwatch!


And an also very cool Alice T-shirt. It has "American McGee's Alice" embroidered on the front. Watch out if you wear this one!!


Here's the Star Trek: Elite Forces II box. I was lucky enough to work on the Enterprise E model and textures!


Here's the box for Counterstrike: Condition Zero. I even worked on this game at Rogue, which was finally finished at Ritual. And, yes, it's signed by the entire development team!


This was another cool game I got to work on, Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre. They had a really great engine for a realistic feel!


This is my favorite Duke Nukem 3D T-shirt. I loved the logo on the front and the caption on the back, "You gotta love a guy who thinks the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is a convenience store" That's why this one's so faded.


Here's a neat little item I forgot I had. It's an Americam McGee's Alice wool knit hat. This thing was hidden in a closet for nearly ten years, so it's absolutely perfect.


This really should have been at the top, because it's a disk of clip art from 1990 that got me a call from Apogee to work on my first game, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure. It won 2nd prize in a beauty contest, only to be beat out by Duke Nukem I.

Well, that's it for now! I'm sure I'll be adding to this page from time to time. I just know there has to be some things I've missed. Hoped you enjoyed seeing some of this stuff! .....Say, I wonder what's in that box over there? Hmmm.....  So THAT's where that was!

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