Wen Jiabao
Wen Jiabao
Huang Ju
Wu Yi (female)
Zeng Peiyan
Hui Liangyu
State Councilors:
Zhou Yongkang
Cao Gangchuan
Tang Jiaxuan
Hua Jianmin
Chen Zhili (female)
Secretary General:
Hua Jianmin (concurrently)

The State Council of the People's Republic of China, namely the Central People's Government, is the highest executive organ of State power, as well as the highest organ of State administration. The State Council is composed of a premier, vice-premiers, State councilors, ministers in charge of ministries and commissions, the auditor-general and the secretary-general. The premier of the State Council is nominated by the president, reviewed by the NPC, and appointed and removed by the president. Other members of the State Council are nominated by the premier, reviewed by the NPC or its Standing Committee, and appointed and removed by the president. In the State Council, a single term of each office is five years, and incumbents cannot be reappointed after two successive terms. More >>

Ministries and Commissions under the State Council
Special Organization directly under the State Council
Organizations directly under the State Council
Administrations and Bureaus under the Ministries & Commissions
 Updated: Oct. 25, 2005