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City of Ramona, NOW! Is a California Mutual Benefit Non
Profit Corporation established in 2004.

City of Ramona, Now Inc. is comprised of local residents who recognize that the "down the hill" government (County of San Diego) has not had Ramona's best interest at heart. The need is to stand up for the valuable character of this town. This includes protecting Ramona characteristics, including, but not limited to, rural lot sizes; avoidance of a very dence urban "downtown" Ramona; preserving agricultural animal keeping and equine; and promoting Ramona's local commercial and low-scale industrial development, boutique wineries, and agriculture. The way to strike down oppressive county fees and bureaucracy that have crippled business and homeowners is to incorporate and determine our own fate!

City of Ramona, Now Inc. does not have a specific agenda other than bringing democracy to our town. It will be up to the residents, once independent, to protect these things we hold dear. As a public mutual benefit corporation, we encourage Ramona citizens to involve themselves by immediately forming an adhoc committee to formulate a proposed plan for Ramona using the 1987 Ramona Community Plan as a framework.

We can achieve self-rule:

We, the people of Ramona can together move in a direction that will finally enable us to determine our future. We need to elect our own officials; we need to create our own officials; we need to create out own community plan; we need planners who are accountable to the citizens of Ramona; we need to stop sharing our tax dollars with "people down the hill." Three things are needed to make this work.

1) Donations: the LAFCO (Local Area Formation Commission) application process is costly but necessary step. It will include a full environmental impact report, full financial feasibility study (the preliminary fiscal analysis has already been completed), and the fees charges by LAFCO for its time.

2) Leadership: The more qualified minds that get involved in this process the more guaranteed we are of success. We need assistance writing grants, preparing the city charter, fundraising, and getting 25 percent of registered voters to get this on the November 2008 ballot. If you have the skills and time to donate to this effort, you can help make sure this does not fail.

3) Support: The ONLY way incorporation will be possible is if it is a grassroots, community-driven campaign. It is the means of all of Ramona to participate in the formation of our city. Ask questions and get involved; visit our Web site for phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and event dates. Everything about these efforts is open to participation and input. Please, Ramona, wake up! Your help is needed! Let's all join together to save Ramona through independent self-governance.

Everything about these efforts is open to participation and input.  Please, Ramona, wake up!  Your help is needed!  Let's all join together to save Ramona through independent self-governance.

– Torry Brean and Julie Kiehne-Lamkin

VISION: Preserving Ramona’s Rural Character through Self Determination - Incorporation

MISSION:  Facilitating the Incorporation effort through Ballot Measure and Passage.

GOAL:  A ballot measure on the November, 2008 ballot.


Executive Officers:         

  • Bob Hailey ......................
    Woody Kirkman .............
    Torry Brean ....................
    Paul Tarr .........................
    Julie Kiehne-Lamkin .....
Public Relations
Julie K-L  

Community Awareness, all press correspondence,some community function organization

Fund Raising
Paul Tarr

Fund the effort.  Est. $500,000 needed

Bob Hailey

Prepare submission, interact with LAFCO, conduct Studies, anticipate pot holes

Gather actual data for services, county, special topics
Rodger Dohm
All things Internet
Analyze and create boundaries and legal description
Petition Circulation
Torry Brean
Circulate petition and collect signatures
 Exc. Com.
People with special areas of expertise on call

Note: The structure of our organization is an Executive Committee comprised of the corporate officers and Julie Kiehne-Lamkin.  The function of the Executive Committee is to orchestrate the activities of 8 committees so that we meet our GOAL.

These people will be the founding citizens of the City of Ramona.  This is a Call To Action, and an opportunity to really improve and protect the town of Ramona.

If you are interested and what to make a differance in Ramona, we are asking that you take a role with us in Ramona’s incorporation, NOW!   Do not ‘reply’. Please respond to:  or call 760-788-9600 for more information.

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