graffiti at the grand midnight star social centre, late 2001
graffiti at the midnight star
SquatSpace History - Midnight Star

"The Grand Midnight Star Social Centre, a squatted building being converted into a multi-purpose community space, opened its doors on Sunday February 10, 2002. The launch party saw the sounds of techno, hip-hop and punk displace the grinding rhythm of power tools that had been echoing through the building since that morning's frenzy of barricading.

A heritage listed theatre, the Midnight Star was most recently used as a reception centre. With its dark velvet tones, chandeliers, and its history as a host to hundreds of wedding receptions, the Midnight Star is a romantic place. Star-shaped motifs compete with heart-shaped, kitsch textures overlap, and the ceiling soars.

Wonder at its potential is matched only by astonishment that it has remained unused for so long.

Comprising two large halls and several smaller rooms, the space is already home to a Food Not Bombs kitchen, free library, computer access centre, and community noticeboard. Events are listed for every day of the week, ranging from workshops and meetings to potluck dinners and film screenings. The venue is open to the community to use free for non-profit purposes."

- from Jennifer Mills: "Space Pirates Invade Homebush"
City Hub March 2002.

The Midnight Star Squatted Social Centre was forcibly evicted by police in December 2002, following negative tabloid media around its use as a site for organising the November 14-15 WTO protests.

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