FireWatir is not under active development. For more information download free version of Watir book and read About Watir chapter, or go directly to the About Watir page.


FireWatir is part of Watir project.


Angrez Singh is lead developer of FireWatir. Other contributors are listed at FireWatir section at Contributors page.


FireWatir has a similar API to Watir, though accesses the DOM by invoking JavaScript by using the JSSh XPI to telnet into the browser. FireWatir is compatible with Firefox 1.5 and above: running on Windows, OSX and GNU\Linux.

There is an ongoing merge of FireWatir and Watir; intially through running the Watir unit tests against FireWatir and eventually merging the code-bases.


Installation is simple. See the latest installation guide for details.

Example Script and TroubleShooting

Compatibility between FireWatir and Watir

Our ultimate aim is to have full compatibility between FireWatir and Watir scripts. In the meantime there is a list of [known compatibility issues].

Release Notes

FireWatir Release Notes
[FireWatir Compatibility]

Development Notes

You can find a list of FireWatir contributors on the Watir Contributors page.

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