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Another RPGDX Comp
Wed Feb 25, 2009 - Adam C. Clifton
There's another RPG comp happening over at RPGDX. It's been such a long time since the last comp that the definition seems to have changed to 'jam.'

Since I'm an excessively lazy person I'm just going to quote Terry from RPGDX.
This could be a quote:
Heya! A site that I'm affiliated with is running a contest-like-event (jam) next weekend, and I thought some people here might be interested in it!

The theme is simple - in 48 hours, create an RPG. Your design should be informed by the jam's theme : "LoFi". Other than that, there are absolutely no restrictions on how you approach things! Even the deadline is flexible - if you want to start a little earlier you can, or later if you're busy on that friday and want to make a weekend out of it you can do that too - and thanks to the way things are over at RPGDX you can pretty much do as much preparation as you want on your engine and assets (the point being that all you should really be making during the jam's 48 hours is actual game content).

Trying to create an RPG in a mere 48 hours is one of the most breathtaking, life affirming actions you can attempt! That is a slight exaggeration! Still! Nothing quite shakes you out of your comfort zone so effectively as this - no genre is as ripe for experimentation and reinvention as the RPG. wink.gif

Really hope to see some of you take part in this!
RPG Comp!
Thu Feb 1, 2007 - Adam C. Clifton
There's a comp over at RPGDX to see who can make the best gothic/horror RPG in a month. The comp starts very soon so you should hurry over and join now!

See the full rules and join here!
Small Update
Sat Jan 27, 2007 - Adam C. Clifton
I've added a really pasic project listing page and some of the project details on the front page. You can now see the five reciently updated projects (altho you'd be better off looking at project news for updates) and project spotlight.

If you are currently working on an RPG and want it to be spotlighted email me. Or just respond to this post i guess.

It's not much of an update, but it's something :p.
Perhaps A Compo A Brewin'?
Thu Jan 18, 2007 - Adam C. Clifton
Over at RPGDX a thread has started about the possibility of having an RPG dev competition. It won't happen unless there is a decient number of competitors, so if you are interested, vote in this thread.
Server Move
Wed Dec 27, 2006 - Adam C. Clifton
I'll attempt to move this site to a virtual private server in the next few days.
At least that will fix the Service Unavailable issues and give a speed boost without me having to upgrade to a MSSQL database.

On a side note I am dropping a lot of my side hobbies and stuff as this new job keeps me pretty tied up. Hopefully that will clear up more time to put towards the site.

And on a completely unrelated note: Instant Happiness.

Update: Transfer complete.

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