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Bigots Who Rock: an ADL List of Hate Music Groups
Bands by Country
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Bigots Who Rock: an ADL List of Hate Music Groups RULE
Bands by Country

| Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada |
| Chile | | Croatia | Czech Republic | Denmark | England |
| Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary |
| Ireland | Italy | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal |
| Russia | Scotland | Serbia | Slovakia | Spain | Sweden |
| Switzerland | Ukraine | Uruguay | USA | Wales |

Accion Radical
Comando Suicida (Argentina)
Razon y Fuerza (Argentina)
Ultrasur (Argentina)
Abyssic Hate (Australia)
Battle Hymn (Australia)
Blood Oath (Australia)
Death's Head (Australia)
Dissident (Australia)
Fortress (Australia)
Frontline Fighters (Australia)
Honour Guard (Australia)
Kommando (Australia)
Open Season (Australia)
Ravenous (Australia)
Raven's Wing (Australia)
Southern Cross (Australia)
Spear of Longinus (Australia)
White Lightning (Australia)
White Noise (Australia)
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SS1488 (Austria)
Sudfront (Austria)
Tollschock (Austria)
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Donar's Krieg (Belgium)
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Brigada NS (Brazil)
Command (Brazil)
Defesa Armada (Brazil)
Evil (Brazil)
Goat Penis (Brazil)
Grupo Separatista Branco (Brazil)
Locomotiva 88 (Brazil)
Resistencia 88 (Brazil)
Thallium (Brazil)
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Aryan (Canada)
Battlefront (Canada)
Cross (Canada)
Excessive Force (Canada)
Griffin (Canada)
Involved Patriot (Canada)
Kremator (Canada)
Odin's Law (Canada)
Rahowa (Canada)
Stonehammer (Canada)
Trouble Makers (Canada)
Vinland Warriors (Canada)
White Riot (Canada)
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Odal Sieg (Chile)
Rockan Oi (Chile)
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H8 (Croatia)
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Czech Republic
Agrese 95 (Czech Republic)
Apartheid (Czech Republic)
Biely Odpor (Czech Republic)
Buldok (Czech Republic)
Conflict 88 (Czech Republic)
Diktator (Czech Republic)
Excalibur (Czech Republic)
Hlas Krve (Czech Republic)
Nadoraz (Czech Republic)
Orlik (Czech Republic)
Prinz Eugen (Czech Republic)
SAD (Czech Republic)
Thodthverdthur (Czech Republic)
Valasska Liga (Czech Republic)
Vlajka (Czech Republic)
Wolfheart (Czech Republic)
Zast 88 (Czech Republic)
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Chamber 88 (Denmark)
Strike Force (Denmark)
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Avalon (England)
Battle Zone (England)
Blackout (England)
Blackshirts (England)
Brutal Attack (England)
Bulldog Breed (England)
Chingford Attack (England)
Croyden Criminals (England)
Dragon Lance (England)
English Rose (England)
Eurocentrifugal Force (England)
Eye of Odin (England)
Grade One (England)
Ian Stuart (England)
Ken McLellan (England)
Kindred Spirit (England)
Legion of St. George (England)
Lionheart (England)
No Fear (England)
No Remorse (England)
Ovaltinees (England)
Overlords (England)
Paul Burnley (England)
Public Enemy (England)
Rage'N'Fury (England)
Razors Edge (England)
Rune Shield (England)
Skrewdriver (England)
Skullhead (England)
Spearhead (England)
Squadron (England)
Stigger (England)
Stormbringer (England)
Sudden Impact (England)
The Die-Hards (England)
The Final Sound (England)
The Klansmen (England)
Thunderbolt (England)
Vengeance (England)
Warhammer (England)
Warlord (England)
White Diamond (England)
White Law (England)
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Preserve White Aryans (Estonia)
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Arngrimmr (Finland)
Brutal Skins (Finland)
End Up Dead (Finland)
Hate Crime (Finland)
Mistreat (Finland)
Pig Killer (Finland)
Wiking Division (Finland)
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9eme Panzer Symphony (France)
Bekhira (France)
Bifrost (France)
Blessed in Sin (France)
Brutal Combat (France)
Bunker 84 (France)
Chauves Pourris (France)
Dernier Rampart (France)
Durandal (France)
Evil Skins (France)
Fraction Hexagone (France)
Kontingent 88 (France)
Kristallnacht (France)
Legion 88 (France)
Legion A (France)
Osculum Infame (France)
Panzerjager (France)
Patriotic Youth (France)
Ultimatum (France)
Ultime Assault (France)
Veme Colonne (France)
Viking (France)
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08/15 (Germany)
14 Nothelfer (Germany)
A.B. (Germany)
Absurd (Germany)
Arisches Blut (Germany)
Aryan Blood (Germany)
Aryan Brotherhood (Germany)
Asgard (Germany)
Aufmarsch (Germany)
Balmung (Germany)
Barad Dur (Germany)
Blutweihe (Germany)
Body Checks (Germany)
Bollwerk (Germany)
Boots Brothers (Germany)
Brutale Haie (Germany)
Celtic Moon (Germany)
Commando Pernod (Germany)
Cotzbrocken (Germany)
Deutch Stolz Treue (Germany)
Die Harte (Germany)
Die Moite (Germany)
Die Separatism (Germany)
Division Wiking (Germany)
Doitsche Patrioten (Germany)
Dragoner (Germany)
Edelweiss (Germany)
Endstufe (Germany)
Entwarnung (Germany)
Eugenik (Germany)
Faustrecht (Germany)
Foierstoss (Germany)
Frank Rennicke (Germany)
Freibeuter (Germany)
Freikorps (Germany)
Gestapo (Germany)
Groilmeiers (Germany)
Halgadom (Germany)
Hate Society (Germany)
Hauptkampflinie (Germany)
Holsteiner Jungs (Germany)
Jungsturm (Germany)
Kahlkopf (Germany)
Kraft Durch Froide (Germany)
Kraftschlag (Germany)
Kroitzfoier (Germany)
Landser (Germany)
Landsturm (Germany)
Legion Condor (Germany)
Legion of Thor (Germany)
Legion Ost (Germany)
Leitwolf (Germany)
Macht Und Ehre (Germany)
Might of Rage (Germany)
Nahkampf (Germany)
Noie Werte (Germany)
Nordfront (Germany)
Nordmacht (Germany)
Odessa (Germany)
Offensive (Germany)
Oi Dramz (Germany)
Oidoxie (Germany)
Oithanasie (Germany)
Ostfront AVK (Germany)
Proissenheads (Germany)
Radikahl (Germany)
Reichssturm (Germany)
Rungholt (Germany)
Saccara (Germany)
Schwarzer Orden (Germany)
Schwarzes Korps (Germany)
Senfheads (Germany)
Sleipnir (Germany)
Soldiers of Freedom (Germany)
Solution (Germany)
Sperrfeuer (Germany)
Spreegeschwader (Germany)
Stahlgewitter (Germany)
Standarte (Germany)
Storkraft (Germany)
Storstufe (Germany)
Stuka Attack (Germany)
Sturmflagge (Germany)
Sturmgesang (Germany)
Sturmtrupp (Germany)
Sturmwehr (Germany)
The Betrayed (Germany)
Thor's Hammer (Germany)
Todesschwadron D.F.E. (Germany)
Toitonen (Germany)
Tollwut (Germany)
Tonstorung (Germany)
Triebtater (Germany)
Unbending Bootboys (Germany)
Veit (Germany)
Volksgemurmel (Germany)
Volkstroi (Germany)
Volksverhetzer (Germany)
Volkszorn (Germany)
Voll die Guten (Germany)
War 88 (Germany)
Weisse Wolf (Germany)
Weisser Arischer Widerstand (Germany)
Werwolf (Germany)
Wewelsburg (Germany)
White Aryan Rebels (Germany)
Wotan (Germany)
Zillertaler Tuerkenjaeger (Germany)
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Der Sturmer (Greece)
Iron Youth (Greece)
Legion of Doom (Greece)
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Archivum (Hungary)
Egeszseges Fejbor (Hungary)
Junkers 88 (Hungary)
Kozellenseg (Hungary)
Magozott Cseresznye (Hungary)
Mos-Oi (Hungary)
Nemzeti Front (Hungary)
Nimrod (Hungary)
Oi-Kor (Hungary)
Pannon Skins (Hungary)
Titkolt Ellenallas (Hungary)
Valhalla (Hungary)
Verszerzodes (Hungary)
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Celtic Dawn (Ireland)
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A.D.L. 122 (Italy)
Aborym (Italy)
Ars Occulta (Italy)
Block 11 (Italy)
Corona Ferrea (Italy)
Front Towards Enemy (Italy)
Fronte 82 (Italy)
Gesta Bellica (Italy)
Hyperborea (Italy)
Injustice Side (Italy)
Intolleranza (Italy)
Londinium SPQR (Italy)
Mors Summa (Italy)
New City Rocks (Italy)
Ondo D'Urto (Italy)
Peggior Amico (Italy)
Plastic Surgery (Italy)
SS 20 (Italy)
Verde Bianco Rosso (Italy)
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Brigade M (Netherlands)
Landstorm (Netherlands)
Standrecht (Netherlands)
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Burzum (Norway)
Hirdmen (Norway)
Norhat (Norway)
Norske Legion (Norway)
Rinnan Band (Norway)
Sonner av Norge (Norway)
Trelldom (Norway)
Vidkuns Venner (Norway)
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Capricornus (Poland)
Defensor 14 (Poland)
Deportacja (Poland)
Ekspansja (Poland)
Falanga 88 (Poland)
Feniks (Poland)
Fullmoon (Poland)
Galgenberg (Poland)
Gontyna Kry (Poland)
Graveland (Poland)
Grom (Poland)
Honor (Poland)
Infernum (Poland)
Kataxu (Poland)
Konkwista 88 (Poland)
Legion (Poland)
Lord Wind (Poland)
Nowy Lad (Poland)
Odrodzenie 88 (Poland)
Odwet (Poland)
Ofensywa (Poland)
Ohtar (Poland)
Perunwit (Poland)
Salut (Poland)
Selbstmord (Poland)
Swastyka (Poland)
Sztorm 68 (Poland)
Thunderbolt (Poland)
Veles (Poland)
White Fist (Poland)
Wineta (Poland)
Zyklon B (Poland)
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Endovelico (Portugal)
Guarda de Ferro (Portugal)
Lusitanoi (Portugal)
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Banda Moskvy (Russia)
Branikald (Russia)
Bulldog (Russia)
Instruktsiya Po Vyzhivaniyu (Russia)
Kolovrat (Russia)
Korroziya Metalla (Russia)
Krasnye Zvezdy (Russia)
Kulturnaya Revolutsiya (Russia)
Nocturnal Mortum (Russia)
Radegast (Russia)
Russian Ghetto (Russia)
Sturm (Russia)
Svetloyar (Russia)
Temnozor (Russia)
Terror National Front (Russia)
Totenkopf (Russia)
Ultimatum (Russia)
Vandal (Russia)
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British Standard (Scotland)
Nemesis (Scotland)
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Battle Flag (Serbia)
Drzavni Udar (Serbia)
Dzumbus (Serbia)
Kristalna Noc (Serbia)
Moleban (Serbia)
Providenje (Serbia)
Radikalne Patriote (Serbia)
Razor 88 (Serbia)
Real Aggression (Serbia)
Revolt BGD (Serbia)
Sorab 18 (Serbia)
Terrormachine (Serbia)
The Terrorist (Serbia)
Trijumf Volje (Serbia)
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Dr. Martens Skinheads (Slovakia)
Juden Mord (Slovakia)
Justicia (Slovakia)
Kratky Proces (Slovakia)
Parabellum (Slovakia)
Slovenska Liga (Slovakia)
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14 Palabras (Spain)
7 Muelles (Spain)
Batallon de Castigo (Spain)
Celtica (Spain)
Centuria Hispanica (Spain)
Division 250 (Spain)
Estandarte 88 (Spain)
Estirpe Imperial (Spain)
Gabinete Caligari (Spain)
Hermanos Blancos (Spain)
Klan (Spain)
Legion Negra (Spain)
Los Illegales (Spain)
Ofensiva 88 (Spain)
Patria (Spain)
Praxis (Spain)
Rebelion (Spain)
Reconquista (Spain)
Seccion De Asalto (Spain)
Toletum (Spain)
Tormenta Blanca (Spain)
Torquemada 1488 (Spain)
Zetme 88 (Spain)
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Asa (Sweden)
Barsarkarna (Sweden)
Blod Und Ara (Sweden)
Brigad Wotan (Sweden)
Dirlewanger (Sweden)
Division S (Sweden)
Enharjarna (Sweden)
Frigg (Sweden)
Germania (Sweden)
Heimdall (Sweden)
Heroes (Sweden)
Heroes in the Snow (Sweden)
Hets Mot Folkgrupp (Sweden)
Heysel (Sweden)
Jocke Karlsson (Sweden)
Ledung (Sweden)
Matti S. (Sweden)
Midgard (Sweden)
Midgards Soner (Sweden)
Nastrond (Sweden)
Nibelungen (Sweden)
Odalmannen (Sweden)
Odins Anglar (Sweden)
Odium (Sweden)
Phoenix (Sweden)
Pluton Svea (Sweden)
Pro Patria (Sweden)
Reichsmusikkammer (Sweden)
Saga (Sweden)
Sigrblot (Sweden)
Somalia Kickers (Sweden)
Spandau (Sweden)
SS Totenkopf (Sweden)
Steelcapped Strength (Sweden)
Storm (Sweden)
Svastika (Sweden)
Svitjod (Sweden)
Symphony of Sorrow (Sweden)
Totenkopf (Sweden)
Triskelon (Sweden)
Trueblood (Sweden)
Vit Aggression (Sweden)
Volund Smed (Sweden)
White Warriors (Sweden)
Wietze (Sweden)
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Eisenwinter (Switzerland)
Sturmtruppen (Switzerland)
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Aryan Terrorism (Ukraine)
Hate Forest (Ukraine)
SBS (Ukraine)
Sokyra Peruna (Ukraine)
Tsirulnya (Ukraine)
Vengeance (Ukraine)
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Escuadron 88 (Uruguay)
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Acirema (USA)
Aggravated Assault (USA)
Aggressive Force (USA)
Angry Aryans (USA)
Angry White Youth (USA)
Anwyl (USA)
Arresting Officers (USA)
Aryan Tormentor (USA)
Attack (USA)
Battle Axe (USA)
Before God (USA)
Berserkr (USA)
Birkenau (USA)
Bloodstained Boots (USA)
Blue Eyed Devils (USA)
Blutkrieg (USA)
Bound for Glory (USA)
Brawlers (USA)
Bully Boys (USA)
C.I.S. (USA)
Carl Klang (USA)
Cenotaph (USA)
Centurion (USA)
Chaos 88 (USA)
Code 13 (USA)
Code of Violence (USA)
Crew X (USA)
Das Reich (USA)
Day of the Sword (USA)
Definite Hate (USA)
Dirty White Punks (USA)
Dread Moon (USA)
Eric Owens (USA)
Ethnic Cleansing (USA)
Extreme Hatred (USA)
Final Solution (USA)
Final War (USA)
Gestapo SS (USA)
Grinded Nig (USA)
H8Machine (formerly known as Dying Breed) (USA)
Hakenkreuz (USA)
Hammertown (USA)
Note: A mainstream Christian rock group also uses this name.
Hatemonger (USA)
Infantry (USA)
Infernal Hatred (USA)
Intimidation One (USA)
Johnny Rebel (USA)
Katharia (USA)
Kick to Kill (USA)
Kill or Be Killed (USA)
Max Resist (USA)
Midtown Bootboys (USA)
Mudoven (USA)
Mullet (USA)
Neo Hate (USA)
New Glory (USA)
New Minority (USA)
No Alibi (USA)
Nordic Thunder (USA)
Order From Chaos (USA)
Pantheon (USA)
Patriotic Front (USA)
People Haters (USA)
Platoon 14 (USA)
Plunder & Pillage (USA)
Pure Rampage (USA)
Red, White & Blue (USA)
Riot Wing (USA)
Rival (USA)
Sedition (USA)
Shortfuse 76 (USA)
Shutdown (USA)
Steelcap (USA)
Storm Section (USA)
Straightlaced Nightmare (USA)
Stronghold (USA)
The Voice (USA)
Vaginal Jesus (USA)
Vagrant the Noachian (USA)
Vanguard (USA)
Warfare 88 (USA)
Weltmacht (USA)
White American Youth (USA)
White Wash (USA)
White Wolf (USA)
Youngblood (USA)
Youngland (USA)
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Broadsword (Wales)
Celtic Warrior (Wales)
No Quarter (Wales)
Retaliator (Wales)
Violent Storm (Wales)
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