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Milne Do - Let people meet

To/Against/For: India/Pakistan: Remove visa restrictions

The Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan
Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr Yusuf Raza Gilani


We, the undersigned, are sending this petition to you on behalf of the divided families of the two countries.
Here are some facts about our mutual visa regimes that leave much to be desired:

It takes too much time.

There is too much paperwork involved in applying for a visa.

We are positive so
mething can be done to reduce the paperwork and make things easier for people. Some points are listed below.

These are some totally avoidable obstacles faced
by the people who live on the opposite sides of the fence. We request the leaders and those at the helm of affairs to step into our shoes and feel the pain of the divide. Only by empathising can these shortfalls be corrected.

In anticipation of redress for these easily rect
ifiable problems, we thank you.

Milne Do - Let people meet was created and written by  nazo reshi This petition is hosted here at as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by or our sponsors.

Recent Comments

  Name Comment
  Romy Sorry to say BUT i DO AGREE with Vikram & Rajesh. I don't mean to say that we have to be enemies but a liberal visa regime will "seriously damage" India's interests and the safety of it's people. No offense to peace loving pakistani's. Don't have anything against you bur we Indians don't favor this at all. Limited purposeful visit is OK.
  Afzal Rahim Respected Sir, Let us learn from France and Germany which provide us with an excellent example of how people-to-people contact and the media can play a positive and constructive role, and also bring the people of two former enemy countries closer together. I hope sanity prevails on both sides. Best wishes for PEACE Afzal Rahim
  siddharth From my experience even block students for academic affairs....11 hrs to send a single fax from delhi to islamabad..!
  Saad Sheikh The time of stupid boundaries is over, yes, we are two separate countries, but like Germany, France and dozen other countries we should make it easier for people to travel.
  Vikram Singh The Visa regime should be as restrictive as possible. I do not want an unending flow of Muslims entering India and not going back. The partition happened for a reason. I do not understand why Indian Mulsims feel the need to marry across the border. And with the population explosion in Pakistan, free visa less travel will be suicidal.
  Muhammad Fahad Azam Yes Let people meet , This is a humble request to leaders of both countries . I have been trying for indian visa to meet my love for 2 years ...but i am not getting . please Milne do
  monty mashooqullah people to people contact will help in improving relations. With inlaws in Mumbai its a nightmare to apply for visa for India. My wife Naheed from Mumbai has aging parents living all alone there & has a very difficult time each time she needs to travel
  A H Nayyar It is important that leaders of the two countries abandon old thinking and change their mindset.
  Abdul Sami Atleast open consulates in Karachi and Mumbai and give multiple entry Visas
  Rajesh I do not think it is a good idea for India to allow open borders with Pakistan. Look what is happening on open borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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