ˇˇˇˇIntroduction of the museum Jinsha Relics Museum is located in the northwest of Chengdu, about 5 km from downtown district. As a theme park-style museum, it is for the protection of, research into and display of Jinsha relics and archaeological finds. The museum covers 300,000 square meters with a total construction area of approximately 35,000 square meters. It is mainly made up of departments of Relics and Exhibitions and the conservation center. The rest vast areas are for green spaces of thriving trees which really make the museum beautiful and charming. Within the museum park are such leisure and cultural landscapes as Jade Road and Ebony Forest and the like. It is also equipped with complete facilities for the various services. Therefore, you will be feeling refreshed while touring around. Jinsha Relics is the first major archaeological discovery in China in the new millennium and was rated the key reservation unit of the nation.