‘They don’t know how long he can last,’ relative says of hospitalized man

John Tuohy

October 13, 2009 by John Tuohy | Star staff

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A relative of a man who suffered a heart attack breaking up a dog fight said he was on life support with little chance of survival.

Barbra Ball, the mother-in-law of Timothy Niemeyer, 56, said his brain function has ceased and he was surviving only with a respirator.

“The doctors and nurses said they don’t know how long he can last,” Ball said.

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Todd Harper, a spokesman for Wishard Memorial Hospital, said Niemeyer was in critical condition in the intensive care unit but was prohibited by federal privacy laws from providing more details about his condition.

Niemeyer had a heart attack at 2 p.m. Sunday while breaking up a fight between his pit bull and neighbor’s Doberman Pincher.

Ball said she suspected there may have been a delay getting first aid to Niemeyer because the pit bull and Doberman pincher were still snarling at each other when police and paramedics arrived.

Animal Care and Control took the pit bull, which had broken from its chain, but the
Doberman was returned to its owner.

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