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Taj has 2 GRAMMY awards for Shoutin' in Key and Senor Blues as well as a nomination for Maestro and six other albums.

Taj Mahal is about Music. His tour schedule is packed all the time, and the music just keeps on coming. Read his Bio from the Señor Blues album at his website.

His family is from the Carribean...Saint Kitts. That music has influenced his greatly. When he moved to Hawaii in 1981, the sound of that Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar really sent him spinning and brought him right back to the is-lands... Result? ... more music. That and fishin'.

The Hula Blues Band came together when Taj moved to Kaua`i, Hawai`i back in '81. Fishin' with the guys and jammin', enjoying life. We got together and did a few shows. First with Kester (Taj's long-time friend and drumer), Napali (Carlos Andrade, Patrick Cockett, Pancho Graham, Fred Lunt) on "A Prairie Home Companion," and a bit later with the rest of the band (Michael Barretto, Wayne Jacintho) on Mau`i and O`ahu. Our first run (albeit a short one) was on the Ultimate Rythmn and Blues Cruise down in the Carribean to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Grand Bahama Island. We played a few more times and in 1997, and recorded the album - "Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues Band - Sacred Island." on Kaua`i. It was originally released in Europe by Tradtion & Moderne under the title - "Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues"

Moving along and performing all over Europe (and a run to Australia in 1998), THe Hula Blues Band recorded again in 2001. The CD "Hanapepe Dream" was the result.

Taj took the Hula Blues Band out across the USA and Europe and Hawaii several years, and we've been on hiatus the past couple years. But you can be sure that you haven't heard the last of the Hula Blues Band!

Spreading the word through music, the Hula Blues Band is here to stay.

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Taj Mahal
Kester Smith
Rudy Costa
Pancho Graham
Michael Barretto
Fred Lunt
Patrick Cockett
Wayne Jacintho
Carlos Andrade

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