What is TriMines?
TriMines is a mine sweeper game that uses triangles instead of squares.

Screenshots: (1.3.0)


new release is out: trimines-1.3.0
 - bug fixes.
 - changes in graphics.
 - new menu. (solves the users-without-mouse-wheel problem).
 - auto-flagging when game ends.
 - timer.
 - solve-game option. (with F1 during game).

new release is out: trimines-1.2.1
 - bug fixes.
 - changes in graphics.

new release is out: trimines-1.2.0
 - bug fixes.
 - menu improvements.
 - new way of showing results when game ends. (like in the classic game).
 - red-pointer will be hidden when game-over/win from now.
 - have fun.

Linux binary: trimines-1.3.0-binary.tar.gz
Windows binary: trimines-1.3.0-win32.zip