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Arava Power Company CEO, Jon Cohen, and David Rosenblatt, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman, announce APC's 400 MW pipeline of over 40 projects with an investment of $1.5 billion at the press conference at Kibbutz Ketura on June 5, 2011.
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Field Profile

Ketura Sun
"This is the worlds first solar field with a neshama (soul)."
APC Co-Founder and Vice-Chair, David Rosenblatt
This is solar like youve never seen it before.
When Arava Power Company turned the switch and inaugurated Ketura Sun on June 5, 2011, it transformed solar from Israels energy of tomorrow into its energy of today.
Ketura Sun Solar Field IsraelKetura Sun is the first commercial solar field in Israel, as well as the first solar field in the Middle East. With Ketura Sun, Arava Power Company has set a precedent for the solar industry both in Israel and around the world by building a solar field with a neshama (a soul). In Judaism, having a neshama entails being morally conscious. Ketura Sun will generate 4.95 MW of electricity from photovoltaic panels powering three neighboring kibbutzim with clean, renewable energy. Additionally, Ketura Sun incorporates values of social justice and original artwork into an environmentally friendly energy plant. Ketura Sun is expanding the realm of possibility for the entire solar industry, as Arava Power Company continues to fuse ingenuity and technology with social justice and creativity.
Having a neshama means incorporating social justice projects and artwork into our state-of-the-art solar field. Honoring the ancient Jewish tradition of peah , which teaches that the four corners of any field should be left un-harvested for the poor, Arava Power Company has decided to donate the proceeds generated by the four corners of the field to four worthy organizations.
The Solar Canvas, a unique piece of art developed by artist Danny Lavie for the Arava Power Company, covers 80 dunams (20 acres) of the solar field, blending history and creativity into Ketura Sun. The Solar Canvas, made completely of recycled asphalt, transforms Ketura Sun from a source of energy into a source of artistic inspiration. Visible by planes flying overhead and by GoogleEarth, the Solar Canvas is a depiction of David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, who first envisioned the Negev Desert as a place to harvest Israels flowing supply of sunlight.
It is no coincidence that Ketura Sun has been built at Kibbutz Ketura a forward-looking, environmentally friendly kibbutz in the middle of Israels Negev desert, one of the most intense desert environments (with some of the highest levels of solar radiation) in the world. Building a solar field in the Negev is a big leap forward towards energy independence for Israel, in a clean, green way. It is out of Arava Power Companys love of Israel and the environment that we have made it our mission to lessen the countrys dependence on non-renewable resources.
In one of his famous speeches, Israels first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, once proclaimed that solar energy is the greatest natural resource, an ultimate source of life for everything under the sun. Arava Power Company leadership look to Ben Gurion as a source of inspiration both as a leader who dedicated his lifes work to bettering Israel, and as a visionary thinker for Israels potential as a solar-powered country.
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