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ABC Radio, Metropolitan Opera.
ABC Radio, Elmer Davis, Reporting and Interpretation of News.
ABC Television, “Saturday at the Zoo.”
Durante, Jimmy, NBC Television, a Personal Award.
NBC Radio, “Halls of Ivy.”
NBC Radio, “The Quick and the Dead.”
NBC Television, “Zoo Parade.”
Radio Free Europe, Contribution to International Understanding.
WBBM Radio, Chicago, IL, “The Quiet Answer,” Public Service by a Regional Station.

Honorable Mention
ABC, Its President, Robert E. Kintner, and his associates, Robert Saudek and
Joseph McDonald for Their Courageous Stand in Resisting Organized Pressures and Their Reaffirmation of Basic American Principles.
CBS Radio, “Hear It Now.”
Mutual Broadcasting System and United Nations Radio, Contribution to
International Understanding “Pursuit of Peace.”
Providence Journal, Its Editor and Publisher, Sevellon Brown, and Ben Bagdikian,
Reporter for the Series of Articles Analyzing the Broadcasts of Top Commentators.
WAAM-TV, Baltimore, MD, “The Johns Hopkins Science Review.”
WABF-FM, Ira Hirschmann, New York, NY, Entertainment (Music).
WFPL-FM Radio, Louisville, KY, Public Service by a Local Station.
WNYC Radio, New York, NY, Contribution to International Understanding for United Nations Coverage.

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ABC Television, “Celanese Theatre.”
BBC, London, UK, and Alistair Cooke, “Letter From America.”
CBS Radio, “The Nation’s Nightmare.”
CBS Television, Edward R. Murrow, “See It Now.”
KPOJ Radio, Portland, OR, “Careers Unlimited” and “Civic Theatre on the Air,” Meritorious Local Public Service by Radio.
NBC Radio, “Bob and Ray.”
NBC Television, Gian Carlo Menotti, “Amahl and the Night Visitors.”
WCAU-TV, Philadelphia, PA, “What in the World.”
WQXR Radio, New York, NY, “New York Times Youth Forum.”
WSB Radio and Television, Atlanta, GA, “The Pastor’s Study” and “Our World Today,” Meritorious Regional Public Service by Radio and Television.

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ABC Radio, Martin Agronsky, News.
CBS Radio, “The New York City Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.”
NBC Radio, “The Standard Symphony.”
NBC Television, “Meet the Press.”
NBC Television, Mister Peepers.”
NBC Television, “Your Hit Parade.”
NBC Television, “Ding Dong School.”
NBC Television, “Victory at Sea.”
WAAM-TV (DuMont Network), Baltimore, MD, “The Johns Hopkins Science Review.”
WEWS-TV, Cleveland, OH, Television Local Public Service.
WIS Radio, Columbia, SC, Regional Public Service, Including Promotion of International Understanding.

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BBC Television, London, UK, Promotion of International Understanding Through Television, Coverage of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
Coca, Imogene, NBC Television, a Personal Award.
Johnson, Gerald W., WAAM-TV, Baltimore, MD, a Personal Award.
KABC Radio, Los Angeles, CA, Chet Huntley for Radio News.
KNXT-TV, Los Angeles, CA, “Cavalcade of Books.”
Murrow, Edward R., CBS, a Personal Award.
NBC Television, “NBC Television Opera Theatre.”
NBC Television, “Television Playhouse.”
NBC Telelvision, “Mr. Wizard.”
WBAW Radio, Barnwell, SC, “Church of Your Choice,” Public Service by a Local Station.
WCBS-TV, New York, NY, “Camera Three.”
WSB Radio and Television, Atlanta, GA, “Removing the Rust From Radio” and “You and Your Health,” Public Service by a Regional Radio-Television Station.

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ABC Television, “Disneyland.”
CBS Radio, “Man’s Right to Knowledge.”
CBS Television, “Adventure.”
CBS Television, “Omnibus.”
CBS Television, “The Search.”
Daly, John, ABC Television, Personal Award, Radio-Television News.
Frederick, Pauline, NBC Radio, a Personal Award for “Pauline Frederick at the U.N.”
Gobel, George, NBC Television, a Personal Award.
KGAK Radio, Gallup, NM, “The Navajo Hour.”
National Association of Manufacturers, “Industry on Parade.”
NBC Radio, “Conversation.”
WJAR-TV, Providence, RI, “Hurricane Carol.”

Honorable Mention
ABC, Boris Goldovsky, Metropolitan Opera, for Radio Music.

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ABC Radio and Television, “The Voice of Firestone.”
Baxter, Dr. Frank, KNXT-TV, Los Angeles, CA, a Personal Award, Television Education.
CBS Television, “Lassie.”
Como, Perry, NBC Television, a Personal Award, Television Entertainment.
Edwards, Douglas, CBS Television, a Personal Award, Television News.
Gleason, Jackie, CBS Television, a Personal Award, Television Entertainment.
Howe, Quincy, ABC Radio and Television, a Personal Award.
KIRO Radio, Seattle, WA, “Democracy is You,” Radio Local Public Service.
NBC Radio, “Biographies in Sound.”
NBC Television, “Producers’ Showcase.”
Weaver, Sylvester L., Jr., NBC Radio and Television, a Personal Award for Pioneering Program Concepts.

Honorable Mention
CBS Television, “Omnibus.”
KFYO Radio, Lubbock, TX, Local Public Service.
KQED-TV, San Francisco, CA, Television Local Public Service.
NBC Television, “Assignment: India.”
WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids, IA, Television Local Public Service.

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ABC Radio, “Edward P. Morgan and the News.”
ABC Television, John Charles Daly, Television News for Coverage of the National Political Conventions.
CBS Television, “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
CBS Television, “You are There.”
CBS Television, “World in Crisis.”
Gould, Jack, Personal Award for His Outstanding Contribution to Radio and Television Through His New York Times Writings.
Mutual Broadcasting System and NBC Radio, “Bob and Ray” Show.
NBC Television, “Youth Wants to Know.”
Serling, Rod, a Personal Award for “Requiem for a Heavyweight” (First Script Award Given).
UNICEF, “The Secret Life of Danny Kaye.”
United Nations Radio and Television, Promotion of International Understanding.
WNYC Radio, New York, NY, “Books in Profile.”
WNYC Radio, New York, NY, “Little Orchestra Society Concerts.”
WOW Radio and Television, Omaha, NE, “Regimented Raindrops.”

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ABC Television, John Charles Daly, “Prologue ’58.”
CBS Radio and Television, Radio and Television News Including “Face the Nation,” “See it Now,” “The Twentieth Century,” and “This is New York.”
CBS Television, “Captain Kangaroo.”
CBS Television, “The Last Word.”
Hope, Bob, NBC Television, a Personal Award.
KING-TV, Seattle, WA, “Wunda.”
KLZ-TV, Denver, CO, “Panorama.”
KPFA-FM, Berkeley, CA, Local Radio Public Service.
Lyons, Louis M., WGBH Radio and Television, Boston, MA, a Personal Award.
NBC Radio and Television, NBC Educational TV Project, “Know Your Schools.”
NBC Television, “The Dinah Shore Chevy Show.”
NBC Television, “Hallmark Hall of Fame.”
Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Inc., Boston Conference on Programming and the High Quality of Its Public Service Broadcasting.
WKAR Radio, East Lansing, MI, “You Are the Jury.”
WQED-TV, Pittsburgh, PA, “The Heritage Series.”

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ABC Radio and UNESCO, “Easy as ABC.”
ABC Television, “College News Conference.”
CBS Radio, “The Hidden Revolution.”
CBS Television, “Playhouse 90.”
CBS Television, Television Public Service with Special Recognition Given to Dr. Frank Stanton.
CBS Television, “Lincoln Presents Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic.”
NBC News, “The Huntley-Brinkley Report.”
NBC Television, “The Steve Allen Show.”
NBC Television, “Continental Classroom.”
NBC Television, “M.D. International.”
NBC Television, “An Evening with Fred Astaire.”
NBC Television, Orson Welles, and “Fountain of Youth” (Colgate Theatre).
NBC Television, James Costigan, and “Little Moon of Alban” (Hallmark Hall of Fame).
Standard Oil Company of California, Standard School Broadcast.
WGN-TV, Chicago, IL, “The Blue Fairy.”
WNEW Radio, New York, NY, Radio News.

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ABC Television, “Khrushchev Abroad.”
CBS Radio, “The World Tonight.”
CBS Television, “The Population Explosion.”
CBS Television, “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
CBS Television, “Small World.”
CBS Television, Fred Friendly, and Edward R. Murrow, “The Lost Class of ’59.”
NBC Radio, “Family Living ’59.”
NBC Television, “The Bell Telephone Hour.”
Susskind, David, NBC Television, a Personal Award for “The Moon and Sixpence.”
Stanton, Dr. Frank, CBS Television, a Personal Award.
WCCO Radio, Minneapolis, MN, Local Public Service.
WDSU-TV, New Orleans, LA, Local Public Service.
WGBH-TV and The World Affairs Council of Boston, Boston, MA, “Decisions.”
WGN-TV, Chicago, IL, “Great Music from Chicago.”
WNTA-TV, Newark, NJ, “The Play of the Week.”

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