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Sustainable global development: the issues

Sustainable global development, as defined on the homepage of this site, hinges on the following questions:

The answer to all these questions is: yes!

The answer is: no!

This site is dedicated to promoting a global investment program for sustainable development. The proposed strategy would effectively address the key issues facing humanity today: destitute poverty, environmental deterioration, and the economic stagnation that is plaguing the global economy  in 2003. Addressing these problems is essential not only for present but also for future generations.


A brief summary (800 words) of the main views presented on this site is given on the page Global sustainable development: a summary

A more extensive overview (4000 words) is given under the title Globalization and global development: realities and requirements


The first part of this site, developed and put on the world wide web in 2001, contains the most important sections of the book Global Development: Problems, Solutions and Strategy. Published in 1998, the book provides insights into the causes of destitute poverty, economic stagnation and environmental degradation. It also discusses solutions to these problems, and a strategy to implement those solutions. Although now more than five years old the insights in the book are as valid today as they were at the time of publication.

The part of the site Global Development you are visiting now was developed in late 2002 and early 2003. It presents an overview of the key questions related to global sustainable development, in the form of a series of questions and answers. Four key topics are covered: global poverty, environmental deterioration, economic stagnation, and the financing of sustainable development. The below-listed pages relating to these subjects provide a brief overview of the key issues; where relevant, the listed pages contain links to pages providing a more in-depth analysis.

It is also possible to go directly to the more elaborate discussion of the topics of poverty, economic stagnation and financing sustainable development by clicking on the links below:

The main option for financing sustainable development discussed on this website runs counter to established economic theory and practise. Indeed, it is argued that because of faulty premises, traditional economics is an obstacle to sustainable development. Click below for a justification of this argument, and a critique of traditional economics:

After an analysis of the problems that impede development, and of ways to overcome those problems, this part of the site is wrapped up by a call for action:


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