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Texts on issues related to sustainable global development: Economics

The darker side of economics:
How economic orthodoxy contributes

to perpetuating poverty and human suffering

On this site one can find a host of implicit and explicit criticisms of economic science and its practitioners. Among others, it is argued that economic dogma on money creation is the single most important obstacle to sustainable development. For more on this topic click on:

Ending global poverty and economic stagnation in the poor countries

Overcoming economic stagnation in the rich countries

Financing sustainable development - conventionally

Financing sustainable development through money creation

Lack of money and money creation: the economics

Economics: poor science, strong faith

A new economics

For related information on economic issues also take a look at the pages listed below:

From Global Development - the book:

Part 1 - Problems:     Chapter I: The Economy

Part 2 - Solutions:      Chapter VI: Sustainable economic growth

Part 3: Financing:       Chapter XI: Costs, benefits and conventional ways of financing

                                  Chapter XII: Unconventional financing: money creation

Other English language texts:

Flat taxes, flat markets and economic crisis: consequences of the global concentration of capital. Unpublished, 1996.


Dutch language texts:

Liberalisering werkt, maar onder voorwaarden. Artikel voor de Volkskrant, voorjaar 2000.

Sparen en speculatie. Artikel voor Intermediair, winter 1996.

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