Office on-demand helps downsizing professionals

Fri, Jan 16, 2009

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Office on-demand helps downsizing professionals

As most businesses try to reign in spending during tough times, they try and do without.

For some one-person offices, ‘doing without’ means getting rid of their offices altogether, according to Roger Kahn, owner of Intelligent Office of Garden City. Intelligent Office rents on-demand fully-furnished office space, and Kahn says he’s never been busier.

Many of Kahn’s latest customers are independent attorneys who can no longer afford the $30-per-square-foot rent in Long Island Class A buildings and may have laid-off employees when they left.

Located a few blocks from the Nassau County Courthouse, Intelligent Office is a business cooperative that charges from $150 to $250 a month for its space which includes shared receptionists, private meeting rooms, kitchenette, etc. and its ‘tenants’ can lease on a month-to-month basis.

Kahn said his customers not only save on rent, but since Intelligent Office is fully-staffed five days a week, they save on salary as well. He said the portability of today’s technology also allows for a more flexible work environment.

“This is a cost-effective alternative to full-time office space,” Kahn said. “Why pay for space if you’re not going to use it.”

Packages at the Franklin Avenue office co-op can include local phone/fax number, conference room privileges, live receptionists and a secure mailbox with 24-hour access.

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