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One of the most beautiful cities in Peru, Trujillo was founded in 1534. Trujillo is 350 miles north of Lima, and flourished when numerous families of nobles settled there to exploit gold and silver mines and the large sugar plantations. Trujillo is the most important economical center of northern Peru and an inland commercial and transportation center for the surrounding farming areas. Today asparagus, rice and shoes are the area’s main products.

The International Spring Festival in early October attracts visitors from all over the world. Tourism is also a major industry in Trujillo due to the city’s closeness to important sites where the Moche and Chimu civilizations evolved.

Trujillo aspires to be considered a World Heritage Site, because of proximity to these historical sites. The population of Trujillo is approximately 860,000.

The Friendship City relationship between Trujillo and Salt Lake City was created in 2005.