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Pace Micro Technology is to acquire the set-top box and connectivity solutions business of Royal Philips Electronics for 68m, with the transfer of 335 staff mainly based in France. 20-Dec-2007

Pace Micro Technology, the Saltaire-based set-top box manufacturer, is to shed 60 jobs from its 630-strong worldwide workforce. 13-Jul-2006

Pace Micro Technology, the manufacturer of set-top boxes, is planning to shed up to 50 jobs over the next six months. 14-Jan-2003

Pace Micro Technology, the supplier of set-top boxes for digital TV, is to shed a further 180 jobs at sites in Saltaire, Cambridge and Bracknell. 09-Jul-2002

Pace Micro Technology is to close its set-top box manufacturing plant in Shipley with the loss of 470 jobs, in order to outsource production to overseas companies. 07-May-2001

Pace Micro Technology is to acquire Xcom Multimedia Communications, the French supplier of digital TV technology, for up to 40m. 07-Feb-2001

Pace Micro Technology, the developer of TV set-top boxes, is looking to recruit a further 200 software and hardware engineers to work at offices in Bradford, Cambridge and the US. 22-Dec-2000

Pace Micro Technology is linking up with Alba to launch a new television set with built-in internet access. 07-Mar-2000

Pace Micro Technology is creating a further 200 jobs at sites in Bradford, Cambridge and the US, in order to cope with rising demand for its digital TV set-top boxes. 12-Jan-2000

Pace Micro Technology is seeking 90 additional workers to assemble digital set-top boxes at its Saltaire factory. 29-Jul-1999

Pace Micro Technology has announced plans to create 100 new jobs at its R&D; facility in Bradford this year, in order to help with the development of digital TV software. 17-Mar-1999

Pace Micro Technology is launching a 1m training programme for electrical retailers, in order to support their sales of digital TV. 26-Jan-1999

Pace Micro Technology is to create 50 new engineering jobs this year in order to keep up with demand for digital TV systems. 11-Jan-1999

Pace Micro Technology, the satellite equipment manufacturer, has relocated its sales and marketing operation from its Yorkshire headquarters to Stevenage. 27-Nov-1998

Pace Micro Technology is linking up with Cisco Systems of the US to develop the next generation of TV set-top boxes which will combine both digital TV and internet technologies. 02-Sep-1998

Pace Micro Technology has won a contract to supply set-top boxes for Microsoft's WebTV trial television service in the UK, and British Telecom has been selected as WebTV's internet access partner. 19-Mar-1998

Pace Micro Technology is linking up with Hitachi to develop a PC satellite data broadcasting card which will provide high speed internet access. 05-Feb-1997

Pace Micro Technology has begun trialling a black box decoder with integral modem on behalf of three cable companies that are preparing for the launch of digital TV. 06-Sep-1996

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