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Exhibision of Equipments

Type89 assult rifle's sight.
Type89 assult rifle's sight.

Infantry Armor Artillery Aviation Corps


Type89 assault rifle:89Ž®¬e

Type89 assault rifle

This assault rifle was adopted by "Japan Ground Self Defence Force" in 1989, and also adopted by several Japanese armed forces. Type89 assault rifle is made by Howa kougyou,Caliber is 5.56mmX45(.223"), length 920mm(36"),weight 3.5kg(7.7lbs),it is as compact as carbine.
The Type89 has 3-shot burst unit, easy removable bipods, byonet rug, and dust cover. And standerd type(upper photo) uses 30 round carved magazine. Type89 can use 30/20rounds magazine of M16 rifle which is adopted by NATO as its standard magazine. Folding stock version is produced for Airborne units and Armor units with shorter 20rounds box-type magazine.

Type89 assault rifle

Serecter lever position indicater and bolt catch are setted in on left side.
Recently selecter lever is added on left side among the Iraqu sended groups.

Right side of Type89 rifle

Letters around serecter lever means "ƒA"=Safe, "ƒŒ"=Full auto, "3"=3-shot burst, "ƒ^"=Semi auto.
Although selecter lever is setted in rightside only,feeling is not so bad.

5.56mm Machinegun:5.56mm‹@ŠÖe(MINIMI)

5.56mm Machinegun

In late '80s, rifles were converted from Type64(7.62mm) to Type89(5.56mm), machineguns were also converted from Type62(7.62mm) to this "cal.5.56mm machinegun".
The 5.56mm machinegun is one of variation of FN MINIMI but 5.56mm Machinegun differes from FN MINIMI in stock made of metal pipe and heat-shield added over barrel. The 5.56mm machinegun has all function required as "SAW(Squadron Assist Weapon)", for example belt linked cartridge feeding, quick changeable barrel, and light weight(about 7kg). And this machinegun can be feeded cartridges by box magazine used for assault rifle (Type89 and M16).

Sumitomo Heavy Industries produces this machinegun under the license of FN HERSTAL.

5.56mm machinegun's sight

12.7mm Heavy Machinegun:12.7mmd‹@ŠÖe(Browning M2)

12.7mm Heavy Machinegun(Browning M2)

This is the machinegun having been used by lots of country's army, navy, airforce, and so on for over 80 years,from developed by the U.S. designer J.M.Browning.
The cartridge(.50BMG(12.7mmX99) developed to penetrate early tank's armor), is so powerfull that can beat light armored vehicle and helicopter.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries also produces this machinegun.

The Machinegun in this photo is mounted on Type74 tank's turret.

81mm Mortar L16:81mm”—Œ‚–CL16

81mm Morter(L16)

Original model is developed by Royal Audinance UK, and in Japan Howa kougyou produces under lincense.
This mortar uses aluminum alloy parts, so its weight is only seven-tenthes(38kg) of former Type64 Mortar. And L16 has longer maximum range(about 6km) than Type64(4km).

Type91 SAM:91Ž®Œg‘Ñ’n‘΋ó—U“±’e

Type91 SAM

Type91 SAM is 1-person portable and launchable Surface to Air Missile(SAM). Based on the U.S. developping "Stinger", the Type91 has image homing system in addition to Stinger's IR homing system. It makes possible for Type91 to have higher hit-ratio than Stinger.

84mm recoilless rifle:84mm–³”½“®–C¢ƒJ[ƒ‹ƒOƒXƒ^ƒt£

84mm recoilless file

This anti tank weapon is based on the "Carl Gustaf" rcoilless rifle, developed by Bofors, Sweaden. And in Japan Howa kougyou has produced under the license. This recoilless rifle can launch not only HEAT(High Exprosive Anti Tank) but also Smoke round, Illumination round and so on.

110mm parsonal anti tank weapon(Panzer Faust III):110mmŒÂl‘ΐíŽÔžÖ’e¢ƒpƒ“ƒcƒ@[ƒtƒ@ƒEƒXƒgIII£

110mm parsonal anti tank weapon
Warhead in this photo is for training.

Panzer Faust III is the latest Anti Tank Rocket, used by JGSDF. Panzer Faust III is produced by IHI Aerospace under the license.
Panzer Faust III has less Back-Blast than other this category weapon by using "Counter Mass", and makes it possible to launch in closed space. (Untill recently, this kind of weapon makes heat and fierce Back Blast to reduce recoile when launch a warhead.)

Bodyarmor & Type88 Helmet:ƒ{ƒfƒBƒA[ƒ}[&88Ž®“S–X

Bodyarmor & Type88 Helmet

These are equipment to protect soldiers against splinter. Integrating metalplate,the Bodyarmor can get capability to stop high velosity riflebullet.
The helmet is not made of steel as its Japanese name"Tetubou(steel helmet)", it is made of synthetic material. So it has enough capability to guard soldiers and light weight.


Tank Unit:íŽÔ•”‘à

Type74 Tank:74Ž®íŽÔ

Type74 Tank

The Type74 Tank is all Japanese developped and made MBT(Main Battle Tank). So Type74 has some unique features,for example suspension system that enables to tilt or sink its body (and this system contributes to accuracy in running firing), 105mm cannon, and computer controled fire control system and armor as "Second Generation".
Most of pruduced 873 Type74s have been on mission since adopted 1974.
Type74 tank turning its turet(341KB)

12.7mm Heavy MachineGun on top of the turet

12.7mm Heavy MachineGun

Reconnaissance Unit:’ãŽ@•”‘à

Type87 Reconaissance Combat Vehicle:87Ž®’ãŽ@Œx‰úŽÔ


The Type87 Reconnaissance Combat Vehicle is 6WD armored vehicle whose mission are scout, reconnaissance and so. Based on Type82 Command & Communication Vehicle, Type87RCV is equipped 25mm Cannon and 3seats for recon.

Reconnaisance Motorcycle(KAWASAKI KLX250)

Reconaissance Motorcycle

It is 250cc offroad bike for reconaissance, communication,and so. JGSDF has two types of motorcycle,one is this "KAWASAKI" KLX250 another is "HONDA" XRL250.

Hi-Mobility Vehicle:‚‹@“®ŽÔ

Hi-Manoeuvre Vehicle

Hi-Mobility Vehicle is so to speak Japanese HMMWV, and has automatic transmission mechanism. In this photo, mounted Cal.5.56mm Machine gun, used by Recconaisance Unit.


Field Artillery:–ìí“Á‰È

FH70 155mm Howitzer:155mmžÖ’e–CFH70

FH-70 is developed by international organization which has Italy, Germany, and Great Britain. This gun can shoot RAP(Rocket Assisted Rrjectile) and has rong range.

Type82 Command and Communication Vehicle:82Ž®ŽwŠö’ʐMŽÔ


Type82 is six-wheeled eight-sheeted armored vehicle and can be loaded communication equipment and operators. The component of Type82 is used for Type87 Reconaissance Combat Vehicle.

Air Defence Artillery:‚ŽË“Á‰È

Type81 Short-range SAM(Surface to Air Missile) Launcher:81Ž®’Z‹——£’n‘΋ó—U“±’e

Type81 SAM

Type81 is vehicle launched missiles against low-altitude aircraft. Type82 consists of launcher unit and radar unit. This missile has semi-active radar homing system and IR-image homing system.
Loading of Type82 SAM (1.61MB)

Type93 Short-range SAM launcher:93Ž®‹ß‹——£’n‘΋ó—U“±’e

Type93 SAM launcher

To tell the story short, Type93 SAM launcher is vehicle mounted multi-launcher of Type91 SAM and simmiler to U.S.Army's "Avenger System". But Type93 can operate all works in vehicle.

Aviation Unit:q‹ó‰È

The photos posted below is taken at "Iruma Air Festa 2002".

UH-1J Utility Helicopter


UH-1 is now be used and produced (by Fuji Heavy Industries) as utility helicopter by not only JSDF but also all over the world. JSDF will have used many UH-1s as its main utility-helicopter, so update progrum (for example, evolve Command & Communication capability and make twin-engined) UH-1"Kai" is to be carried out.("Kai" means "upgraded")

AH-1S Attack Helicopter


AH-1 is the first Attack helicopter in the world, making use of UH-1's component developped by U.S. Bell Helicopter. And in Japan Fuji Heavy Industries also produced AH-1S under the license. To reduce front shadow, AH-1's body is shaped into slim one, so looks like almost another aircraft.

UH-1's front view AH-1's front view
The view of UH-1 and AH-1 from same angle.

Guiding TOW Anti-Tank Missile, launching aircraft needs expose themselves to the enemy, too big front shadow is deadly.



OH-6 is Observation Helicopter, former OH-1 Observation Helicopter. OH-6 has only eyesensor as way of observation, low observation capability compared with AH-1SAttack Helicopter.

But OH-6 has space for passengers and baggage, it is usefull advantage.