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Wouf poof Leather Dog Bed

You love your pet... And so do we. We have drawn from years of leather technology and design to create the Wouf Poof collection. The unique Genuine leather line to pamper your pet. Genuine leather... Accept no substitutes!


Today Wouf Poof comprises a full line of leather products. From beds, jackets, collars, carriers, leashes, car seats and with more under development. Genuine leather is one of mother natures best gifts to all. It anwsers questions of fashion, durability, comfort and is an environmental solution to supply of fashionable materials for secondary manufacturing. Unlike synthetics based on petroleum products, leather is a by product. Through our Eco tanning process we provide a natural, breathable raw material that reacts in a positive way to your pets body temperature. The synthetic alternatives are not only harmfull to the environment, but are also not attractive to your pet.
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*Reps and Distributors wanted for regional areas of Canada and USA. Please contact us for more info.

Herb Williams, creator of the world famous Superdogs, was instrumental in designing this revolutionary dog bed.

“We have finally created a dog bed that replaces the smelly, tattered, worn-out eyesores that we have become accustomed to over the last 20 years. The luxurious, natural leather Wouf Poof® is a commitment to you and your dog for comfort, durability, design and hygiene. Recommended for Superdogs, including yours!”

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