Everyday Delights – Press Release

JJAM Curators Collective challenged London based designers to reinvent the classic yellow duster in a way that we never imagined before.  The project aims to use the most banal everyday object – the duster – to promote the creativity of London’s contemporary design scene.

See the results at the Everyday Delights show at Tent London, stand G01, from 23-26 September 2010 at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, with work by:

Shell Thomas, Vakahn Matossian, Fotis Evans, Catherine Ann Haynes, Cure Studio, Elena Corchero, Tamilla Jazayeri, Azumi & David, Luxumi Sridharan, David Amar, Rachel Witham & Chris Wilkins, Christianna Ibikunle, Katrin Baumgarten, Moe Asari, Rus In Urbe, Charis Tsang, Ewald Damen, Georgina Jefferies, Sasquatch & La Mesmer, Martha Freud, Vasso Asfi & James Rokos, Jan Douglas & Liani van der Westhuizen, Jeongwon Ji, Gillian Swan, Karen Murray, Julia Georgallis, Victor Margevich, Marit Münzberg, make:good, Gilles & Cecilie Studio, Jon Harrison, Marc Von S,Hollie Paxton, Harry Trimble, Dora & Fullard, Asuza Murakami, Jane Chi Hae Kim, Emily Hart, Rob Francis, Melanie Bartheidel, Florian Kremb, Richard Shed & Demelza Hill.

The Everyday Delights Postcard Book including all designs will be for sale at Tent London and on the website.

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