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Maglev Development Project

ODU Maglev Research



Old Dominion University is aggresively pursuing the development of advanced technology for magnetic levitation (Maglev) transportation systems. With a 3400' elevated guideway in place and multiple test vehicles, ODU is positioned as the leading Maglev research institution in the nation.

The principal focus of the current effort is "Urban Maglev", i.e. low to medium speed systems.  Work is divided into two parts:

  1. Demonstration of the MagneMotion Inc. (MMI) M3 technology on the ODU guideway as part of an effort funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and led by MMI. A test "sled" is scheduled to arrive on campus in late 2009.
  2. An internal R&D effort, dubbed "MagTechODU", examining a wide range of technology options. A test "bogie" has been developed and is being tested on the guideway.

ODU hopes to prove that Maglev is a safe, affordable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation option.