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2012 Emory Global Health Case Competition

There will be two Emory Global Health Case Competitions in 2012. The first competition will be an intramural competition reserved for Emory University students. The second competition will be an extramural competition that will include the first-place team from Emory's intramural competition and 19 guest university teams.

Intramural Competition
The intramural Emory Global Health Case Competition will take place Saturday, February 11, 2012. Twelve multidisciplinary student teams will compete.

Extramural Competition
The Extramural Emory Global Health Case Competition will take place Saturday, March 31, 2012. The first-place team from the intramural Emory Global Health Case Competition will compete with multidsiciplinary student teams from 19 other universities located across the globe. Guest university teams will be selected on a regional basis to ensure a broad geographic representation of teams.

In addition to the 20 teams that will compete in person at Emory, five additional teams will compete with each other via video presentations. The video participants will be judged by a different panel of judges and will compete for a distinct video competition prize.

The case subject for the extramural competition will be different than the case subject for the intramural competition. Registration for the extramural competition for teams participating in person is now closed. Please read our Guest Universities Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the extramural competition, who can participate and registration information.

For logistics information, please click here!

Registration is now open for guest universities!

Who can participate in the intramural competition?
Students (graduate and undergraduate) from across Emory University are encouraged to participate in multidisciplinary, multi-school teams to ensure that interdisciplinary skills are represented on each team. Teams will be comprised of four to six students from three or more Emory schools. Students may register as individuals and will be assigned to a multidisciplinary team. Students who prefer to assemble their own team will also be able to do so, provided that three or more Emory schools are represented.

2012 Case Subjects and Evaluation
The 2012 case subjects will be released to student participants five days before each competition. Each competition will have a different case subject. Each competition will have a distinguished panel of judges from multiple disciplines selected by the Institute evaluating teams' recommendations.

Important Dates and 2012 Schedule of Events
Saturday,February 11, 2012 - Intramural Competition

Check our website regularly for additional dates and schedules of events

Intramural Awards
First Place - $3,000
Second Place - $1,200
Third Place - $600
Innovation Award - $300

Registration for the intramural competition is now closed.

Sponsorship Opportunities
If you or your organization is interested in making a sponsorship gift to support the 2012 Emory Global Health Case Competitions, please see our sponsorship page here.

Learn more about the Emory Global Health Case Competition through this short video.

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