Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jeremy Bible - The Journey of Enoch (Rubber City Noise, 2011)

As the owner of Experimedia, one of the most laudable distributors of ambient and experimental music, Jeremy Bible didn't achieve this extent of notability in an instant. One of the label's first releases was The Journey of Enoch, a limited CD-R and digital release that emerged in 2004 and accrued over 22,000 downloads since its outset. To keep the relevance unwavering, Akron label Rubber City Noise couldn't have been more timely in reissuing the album, because the 2011 underground has shown an enormous growth in interest of synthesizers and the cassette format.

Despite its great significance and cult legacy in experimental music circles, the album's history isn't meant to insinuate an impact in which The Journey of Enoch found its way into modern day synth work. Contrary to the melodic, sequence-fed nostalgia shared by many, Bible's electronics function as a purely tonal entity, stark and lustrous. The album's most compelling facet is in the absence of connotation in Bible's textures, for they elicit neither sublimity nor disquietude. These are ululations of pure emptiness, a locale parsed well enough to consume its observers.

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