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What is Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People?
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP for short) is a five-episode game series starring Strong Bad and the rest of the crew from the cartoons. The series was developed by Telltale Games, the same company behind Sam & Max and Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures.

Who is Strong Bad? What is is a cartoon created by Mike and Matt Chapman in 1999, and Strong Bad is the series' most popular character. He's an awesome guy who enjoys answering emails from random fans, beating up his younger brother, and messing with people. It's kind of hard to explain. Just visit and see for yourself.

(Oh, also Strong Bad was voted Sexiest Man Alive by Which is a little weird, since he's a cartoon character who goes around wearing a lucha libre mask and no shirt, but we try not to be judgmental.)

Who is this game for?
Attractive people.

No, really. What's the gameplay like?
These are story games, with weird plots and tons of dialogue conceived through a mind-meld between the guys who make the cartoons and the team who brought you Sam & Max Seasons One and Two. In each SBCG4AP episode, you take control of Strong Bad and interact with other characters in beloved locations such as Strong Bad's basement, Bub's Concession Stand, and The Stick. Besides talking to other characters and messing with their minds, you'll also get to dress up in funny costumes, check email on Strong Bad's trusty Lappy 486, and play arcade-style mini games such as the timeless Snake Boxer 5.

How involved are The Brothers Chaps?
Very! Matt and Mike Chapman (the creators of have been involved with every aspect of this series. They helped us get the art as close as possible to their original Flash cartoons. They worked with us on the storylines and took editing passes on the scripts to make the writing punchier and more Strong Bad-y than we ever could have done alone. They recorded the voice lines (along with Missy Palmer, who plays Marzipan). If you're already a fan of the Chapmans' work, you'll recognize their influence all over these games. And if you're not a fan yet, you will be!

Who from Telltale's team is working on SBCG4AP?
The designers and writers on Telltale's side include: Mark Darin of Nick Bounty fame; Chuck Jordan, lead writer on Sam & Max Season Two, Mike Stemmle, designer on Sam & Max Hit the Road, Afterlife, and the ultimately cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police (it wasn't his fault!); and Dave Grossman, designer on Sam & Max Season One, Day of the Tentacle, Secret of Monkey Island... the list goes on and on. That's some good talent!

Okay, I want to check it out. Where can I get it?
All five Strong Bad episodes are available now on WiiWare and PC! Each game can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel for 1000 Wii points (for more details, check out these simple WiiWare instructions). On PC, the full five-episode season can be purchased from our online store for the special bundle price of $34.95. (And hey, if you buy PC season bundle from Telltale's store, you're eligible to get a free DVD containing the games and bonus content in the near future!)

I bought an episode and want the rest. Can I get a discount?
If you bought one episode on PC, you can upgrade to the rest of the season for just $26. Visit this page for details. There is no season discount on WiiWare.

Is the Wii version different than the PC version?
The main difference is that on the Wii, you get to sit down behind Strong Bad's keyboard and send your very own Strong Bad emails to anyone on your Wii friends list. (They don't even need to have the game!) You can even attach pictures taken with the in-game camera to these emails, to show off Easter eggs or crazy costumes that you uncovered while playing.

How big are these episodes?
Since the Strong Bad games were designed to be downloadable, the file size is pretty small. For example, the PC version of Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner is 69MB; the Wii version takes up 319 blocks, and requires 11 blocks for saved games.

What do I do if my Wii's available memory is used up?
Don't worry; until Nintendo unveils its new storage system, you can still manage your downloaded content and saved games fairly easily. In fact, we wrote a whole Wii storage guide to help you out. It has pictures!

Who are Videlectrix?
We're not exactly sure. Two guys with mustaches showed up at the office one day, shouting out all these crazy ideas for the game. The Chapmans seem to trust them, so we figured we'd make them a silent partner (emphasis on silent). To see some of Videlectrix's work, visit their website.

Was the 'Strong Bad Gameways' video about this game?
Yes. The "actual gameplay footage" at the end of the video really is actual gameplay footage. (If you haven't seen the video yet, watch it!)

Are the games being made with Flash, like the cartoons?
No, the games are built with the Telltale Tool, the same in-house engine we use for all of our games. Thanks to new widgets like renderers and toon shaders that we've integrated into our 3D engine, we're able to make the game look so much like the cartoons you almost can't tell the difference. (Plus, in 3D we get to do all sorts of things with Strong Bad that can't be done in a 2D Flash cartoon!)

I bought the Strong Bad season through Telltale's store. How do I get my free Collector's DVD?
We're working on it! When the Collector's DVD is available, we'll send an email to all season customers letting you know how you can get it for just the cost of shipping and handling.

Where can I learn more about SBCG4AP?
We have a very active forum where people post about their experiences playing SBCG4AP. Please drop by and join in the conversation! You can also keep an eye on our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for Strong Bad updates.

FAQ updated January 20, 2009

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