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Free God-Mind Study Group Offered

God truth requires practice to make it permanent within us. Reading these truth books gives information to consider, but unless truth is put to work in our lives, it fades. Weekly online studies were established in 1996 for those seeking divine truth. These weekly sessions are designed to help build a strong foundation in God Truth and to encourage daily practice.

The study groups are an email study with a weekly one-hour chat that you can participate in, if desired. (After each session a copy of the chat is sent to every member of the study group.) Prayer requests are made and acted upon. Questions are welcome anytime during the week for discussion. The outreach of the Holy Spirit assists us during these studies.

This site is informational in content without any religious affiliation. There are no dues or collections or membership fees or obligations of any kind. Further contact is our choice and must be initiated by you. There are no follow-ups to your inquiry unless you have requested it.

Each one-hour chat focuses on God Truth and how to use divine teamwork to absorb the material we are studying. Members of the study groups say there is always something new to digest and to bring into their lives in a practical way.

A study group meets on Sunday and is for the “seasoned” teammate who wants to focus on “applying” the many principles and promises of the books in their lives.

The insight each one shares broadens the overall understanding presented in the God-mind books and helps others to open their minds to understanding. Participants in the study groups support one another’s spiritual growth and encourage one another to continue greater exploration of what is possible for us in this lifetime with God as our Partner.

Below are God Truth focuses in the study groups:

  • As the prime mover of God truth, you initiate teamwork. It is your belief and your willingness to team up that moves God Truth into material form.
  • God IS always with you, but to activate a Partnership, you must select God! Partnership with God is open to everyone! Yes, there are requirements like asking and letting go of limited concepts of who God IS and who you are.
  • Divine teamwork includes the Brotherhood of God, the outreach of the Holy Spirit, who are the inspiration and intuition everyone experiences. The Brotherhood participate with God as teachers, counselors and comforters – lending you their connection with God-mind, while your channel with God is fortified.
  • The goal: What God IS, I AM – ( a basic principle taught in the books).

Participation in a study group is free to those who wish to grow spiritually. If you are interested in joining the Sunday evening study group, please e-mail Connie Givens at: