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  1. Quick Analysis of Fake OA Website on Hijacked Domain
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  4. Background: After GA unanimously appointed media co-ordinator in December 2011, all media assets were ordered to be transferred to that co-ordinator, including the domain
  5. New website (collaboration across media team based on NYCGA framework) ordered to be implemented ASAP.
  6. Despite constant requests to domain holder from media team co-ordinator, domain never released to co-ordinator. Domain holder would not allow GA approved website project to be implemented.
  7. Domain now points to website owned & created by saboteur, created without consultation with media team or co-ordinator, implemented without consultation.
  8. No GA approval for current website has been sought or obtained. Yet saboteur's website now claims to be official source of information for OA.
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  12. Site header: A few days ago, when the switcheroo occurred, the header contained an image used on a fake business card created by saboteur, featuring himself & the domain owner holding an OA banner. This has now been replaced by a cartoon graphic of the name O C C U P Y   A U C K L A N D.
  14. From a distance it just looks like a black and white logo. But when you look at it closely, you see there are many faces within it. Each face is angry, sad, unhappy, or outright intimidating.
  16. If you are a member of OA you will recognise the caricatures as representations of actual key occupiers. The caricature of the saboteur himself takes up the entire letter " Y " in Occupy.  Yet another inside joke on his part, apparently.
  18. OK I have just tried to access the site so I can continue this analysis and surprise surprise, the site appears to be DOWN. Gee, you don't say? LOL. So I'll have to complete this from memory.
  20. So anyway, if you had scrolled down the page a little bit, you would have seen a big fat circular Occupy Auckland logo, the same logo used many times on our official Facebook page ( and in some of our legitimate fliers etc. But when you clicked on that logo, it took you to which is the non-GA-consensed FB account started by the saboteur months ago, and promoted through the business cards he created which purported to be official OA materials but in fact contained no official OA lines of communication only the saboteurs email address, the bank account that the saboteur controls, and said link to his FB. To see copy of business card pls view
  22. Further down from that, there was Facebook social plug-ins embedded onto the site which displayed profile pictures & links to personal profiles of EVERY SINGLE PERSON that ever "liked" both the saboteurs fake FB page (displayed ABOVE the OA one) & also for our official OA FB page.
  24. This meant that all 200 people who had 'liked' his page & all 5,500 people who had "liked" the official OA page now had their personal details & pics accessible to anyone, from the front page of this saboteur website. Obviously completely immoral as I can guarantee he did NOT request permission from these people to out them on the web as having supported Occupy movement here in Auckland. An attempt by the saboteur to name and shame everyone associated with Occupy Auckland, and to catalogue them for god knows what nefarious purposes.
  26. He then had a live feed from the ACTUAL official OA page embedded, so that there appeared to be vast quantities of information on the website when in fact it was just the FB news feed. All other categories were empty, despite him having access to all the old website content which he could have transferred over.
  28. Instead of doing that, he wrote NEW articles about OA and put his own name on the by-line of every article.
  30. If you clicked on "News" then on 3rd item down "Occupy Auckland Evictions" you came to a page which said it was the information page for the 2 violent evictions of Occupy Auckland which occurred January 23rd & 26th, 2012.
  32. Instead of embedding the many hours of our livestream footage, the many articles already written about it, the saboteur instead put up FIVE total photos and no written article about the evictions. The fourth & fifth photo were particularly significant. The fourth photo showed one of the closest friends of the saboteur, grabbing a placid unmoving security guard by the shirt & screaming in his face. Giving the impression that occupiers were angry, violent and abusive, to the poor security guard who was just trying to do his job. A complete falsehood.
  34. The fifth photo showed the saboteur himself sitting atop the old watch tower, grinning away, triumphant.
  36. The minutes portion of the site contained random & incomplete minutes from previous GA's.
  38. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. The above is all I can tell you from memory - hopefully someone copied all the website pages so I can write more with a chance to have a good look at each page. In the meantime, I'm sure the above gives a good picture of what this asshole has been trying to achieve with this fake website. Thank you to all those who are helping the REAL Occupy Auckland media team to get back control of our occupation media infrastructure. It is massively appreciated.