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God-Mind Books and Audio in English

If you are interested in reading more about God-Mind power and developing a powerful relationship with your God partner, here are some ways to obtain your own copies of the books or audio.

Buy any of the books or audio online from our Online Shop

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You can also order the books directly from the Publisher
Publisher Ron Knight distributes the books in English from his site in Texas.

Ron can be reached by email at
or by phone at +1-972-898-1753 (mobile)
or via postal mail at the following address:

Teamup Services
P.O. Box 271627
Flower Mound, TX 75028-8438


From Barbara Thorpe

I was introduced to the God Mind books through a friend. I find it an on-going journey, one I would not find in organized religion. Things I have always wondered about, have come to light through these books. Concepts about our everlasting life and what happens as we grow into a new dimension, so to speak. I have much peace, and answers to many thoughts I have had in the past.
Barbara Thorpe