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Pixar's Classic Short Film, Luxo Jr., To Play With Toy Story 2

Point Richmond, California -- November 15, 1999 -- Pixar Animation Studios (NASDAQ: PIXR) today announced that Luxo Jr., the studio's classic computer animated short film, will be attached to the Disney/Pixar holiday release Toy Story 2. Now, for the first time, theater-going audiences will be able to view the Oscar-nominated short film during the entire national run of Toy Story 2.

When Luxo Jr. debuted at SIGGRAPH in 1986, it astonished the computer graphics and animation communities with its combination of world-class character animation and a level of visual realism never before seen in computer animation. Luxo Jr. was directed by Pixar's Academy Award-winning director, John Lasseter, and received an Academy Award nomination in 1986 for Best Animated Short Film.

"Luxo Jr. was the first computer animated film where the story and characters were more important to audiences than the fact that it was made with a computer," said Lasseter, Pixar's Executive Vice President, Creative.

"All the short films we create at Pixar provide invaluable experience to our future creative leaders and also allow us to move our technology forward." Pixar has produced five short films: Luxo Jr. (1986 Academy Award nomination), Red's Dream (1987), Tin Toy (1988 Academy Award-winner, Best Animated Short Film), Knickknack (1989) and Geri's Game (1998 Academy Award-winner, Best Animated Short Film). Pixar's short subjects explore the creative and technical possibilities of computer animation, allowing Pixar to continuously stretch the boundaries of its storytelling.

Pixar Animation Studios combines creative and technical artistry to create original characters and stories in the new medium of computer animation. Pixar created and produced the first computer-animated feature film, the Academy Award winning Toy Story, and in 1997 entered into a partnership with The Walt Disney Company to finance, produce and distribute five computer-animated feature films and related products. A Bug's Life was the first of these films and was the highest grossing animated feature film released in 1998. Toy Story 2 is scheduled for release this Thanksgiving, and Pixar's fourth film, Monsters, Inc., is currently targeted for a 2001 release. Pixar's stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol PIXR.


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