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Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States (1824)

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Table of Contents

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Title I:
Sole Section: Of the Mexican Nation, its Territory and Religion

Title II:
Sole Section: Of the form of Government of the Nation, of its integral parts, and of the division of the Supreme Power

Title III: Of the Legislative Power
Section I: Of its Nature, the Mode of exercising it
Section II: Of the Chamber of Deputies
Section III: Of the Chamber of Senators
Section IV: Of the Economical Functions of the two Chambers and of the Prerogatives of their Members
Section V: Powers of the General Congress
Section VI: Of the Formation of the Laws
Section VII: Of the Time, Duration and Place of holding the General Congress

Title IV: Of the Supreme Executive Power of the Confederation
Section I: Of the Persons to whom this Power is confided, and their Election
Section II: Of the Duration of the Presidency and Vice Presidency, and the mode of filling Vacancies in each, and of their Oath
Section III: Of the Prerogatives of the President and Vice President
Section IV: Of the Attributes of the President, and the Restrictions of his Powers
Section V: Of the Council of the Government
Section VI: Of the Business of Government

Title V: Of the Judicial Power of the Union
Section I: Of the Nature and Distribution of this Power
Section II: Of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Election, Duration and Oaths of its Members
Section III: Of the Attributes of the Supreme Court
Section IV: Mode of judging the Members of the Supreme Court
Section V: Of the Circuit Courts
Section VI: Of the District Judges
Section VII: General Rules for Administration of Justice in the States and Territories of the Union

Title VI: Of the States of the Federation
Section I: Of the Particular Government of the States
Section II: Of the Obligations of the States
Section III: The Restrictions of the Powers of the States

Title VII:
Sole Section: Of the Observance, Interpretation, and Reform of the Constitution and Constitutive Act

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