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German Air Force take Delivery of First Series Production Eurofighter

Monday, 4. August 2003

Today, Eurofighter GmbH announced the delivery of the first Series Production Aircraft (SPA) to the German Air Force. Following Four Nation Type Acceptance of the Eurofighter Typhoon on 30 June, 2003, the partner Air Forces in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom have been working with industry partners to provide individual national clearances that will allow the aircraft to begin their service life.

Germany is the first partner country to formally accept delivery of Eurofighter for service use. Initially the aircraft, designated Eurofighter GT003, will be used for Service Pilot Instructor Training based at Manching in Southern Germany. Later in the year German Air Force Eurofighter aircraft will be delivered to Laage in Northern Germany were the process of integration to the operational fleet will commence. Based on a four nation Government Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 1998 that covers a production run of 620, Germany will receive 180 Eurofighter that will begin to replace existing MiG-29, F-4 Phantom and Tornado aircraft.

During the summer deliveries to the other partner Air Forces will commence.
Commenting on events, Filippo Bagnato Chief Executive Officer, Eurofighter stated. ‘This is a major step forward in our programme that clearly demonstrates the maturity of the Eurofighter Weapon System. Following on from Type Acceptance this event marks our commitment to delivery of this exceptional weapon system to the Air Forces of the partner nations.’


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