Hello and welcome!  My name is Michele Welch.

I work small business owners who are struggling with creating an online business presence – with a growing specialty in working with coaches, consultants, trainers, online marketers & solopreneurs to end their struggle by gaining clarity and focus in their business. I help them make the heart to tech connection by training them to take their passions and gifts and create information-based products and programs that speaks to their target market.

I train them on how to effectively maximize their efforts with their online business, build their brand, expand their reach and create influence.

It’s about helping passionate entrepreneurs turn their gifts in products and services and making a difference for others!

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Business Focus Coach?

To answer your question, it’s probably best if I share with you some defining moments in my life that has led me to where I am today; teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to create and maintain an online business presence.

I’ve always had the entrepreneur spirit and dabbled in some “real world” business ventures, but didn’t get my feet fully wet until I started my first online store, Thrift 4 Kids, in 2009.

I was posting my kids’ clothes for sale on Craigslist when I came across an advertisement for an online thrift store.  I decided to click on the link and check it out. I remember thinking, ‘this is cool…I can do this’. That’s how it all started.

Well, no one ever warned me what I would be getting myself into. Opening an online store is just as taxing and stressful as opening a brick and mortar store. But I was determined to make it work.

I was $15,000 in debt and going back to corporate America was not an option for me anymore! However, I wanted to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family and living off of one income wasn’t going to cut it.  Anyone who is living the “American dream” of owning a home, car, having kids and oh yes, the dog, knows that it takes money…a LOT of it. I knew I had to make a change.

So I worked day in and day out, learning everything on my own along the way; from creating websites, to search engine optimization, to offline and online marketing methods. Within six months my online store was on the first page of Google and I was beginning to get the traffic (and sales) I had hoped.

Here lies the problem… I was miserable.  I had traded in one rat race for another. I was working 8, 12, 14 hours days, spending little time with my kids and not enjoying my life.

my_babiesThen I founded NewBizBlogger and fell into the world of blogging.

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When I said fell, what I mean is, I didn’t start my journey with the intention of becoming a blogger. But I soon realized the benefits of sharing my experiences and knowledge on starting and running an online business on a blogging platform.

I began helping other entrepreneurs and business owners create their online business, optimize it and gain more leverage by learning efficient and effective marketing tactics. It was a complete joy for me and I had soon found my life’s passion.

And with 15 years in Corporate Training and Business Management behind me, making the transition seemed like a no-brainer.

I soon closed up shop and began pursuing my new life’s purpose vigorously.

I have since then dedicated my professional life to helping other entrepreneurs realize their own dreams of starting and running a successful online business.

What has been your biggest challenge to overcome?

My biggest challenge that I had to overcome in my business is one of clarity and focus! When you are first starting out in your business, often times you are doing EVERYTHING in the hopes in that something will *stick*.  You implement everything, you try to learn everything and the end result is a whole lot of nothing. My biggest moment is when I realized that I had to gain clarity and focus. Once I got clear on what that was and how to do it, things began to shift substantially for me in my business.

Because of this valuable lesson learned, my top priorities when working with clients is helping them get that clarity and focus FIRST! Once they get a good grip on their message, who they want to serve and how to effectively implement, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish with hard (and smart) work, consistent actions, and perseverance.

Who do you work with?

I work mainly with coaches, consultants, trainers, online marketers & solopreneurs who are passionate about what they do but have not been taught how to maximize their efforts with running an online business. They have not been taught how to get more clients/customers and how to put systems in place to effectively run their business.

I work with people who take a no-excuses approach. These are people who are passionate about what they do, eager to learn and willing do what it takes to get the job done. If you are a go-getter, results-driven type of person willing to give 110%, I want to work with you!

If you make excuses, don’t follow-through on your promises, are looking for a cookie cutter system or a quick fix, I probably won’t be the right fit for you.

How are you different from other trainers?

In one sense I don’t plan to be a cheerleader, although I absolutely do offer encouragement and hold you accountable for your word. However, what I do is “hold your hand” every step of the way and train you on running your online business. This way when we part ways you are able to take over the reigns and run your business in a powerful and impactful way.

Also, my concentration is in working with heart-centered, service and information-based entrepreneurs and small business owners. Why? These are people who often do everything themselves and are able to get results very quickly. This is largely due to the fact that they are able to make quick business decisions without having to go through all the red tape associated with mid- and large corporations and businesses.

How soon can I expect to begin seeing results from working with you?

My clients have seen positive results in their business within three months. However, that being said, it all depends on you!  I can only do so much. I can show you the ropes, but at the end of the day if you don’t implement, you will not get the results you would like.

But I do promise you one thing. If you apply the techniques I show you diligently and consistently, you will see positive results in your business; bottom line: more sales!

My question to you is, how bad do you want it?

What results can I expect?

Here are some of the results you can expect to see:

  • Get crystal clear on your target market and how to get in front of them
  • Create a well thought-out strategic plan on how to market your business to get more clients/customers
  • Hone in on your brand and what makes you special and different
  • Selecting the social media tools that work best for YOUR business
  • Educating your prospects that will make your marketing super easy
  • Get your team on board with your marketing message
  • Find out where your are most prolific in order to get your message across
  • Create powerful strategic alliances
  • Put automated systems in place so you can concentrate of the things that really matter – like getting more clients/customers!

What programs and services do you currently offer?

Please visit My Services page for full details on programs and services.

This story is about my journey to online success and I hope you join me in making our dreams come true.

To Our Success!


Your Business Focus Coach

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